I would like to share some magic tricks. The people after a magic trick ask: - how you do that? then, - it is amazing!!!. Well, yes it is amazing, but it is amazing because everybody can enjoy the magic, and maybe try some tricks. Now I would like to describe a magic trick the name is Watching your eyes! it is simple, but amazing!

The spectator takes one card and shows it to the audience. Then he puts it back in the deck, and he cuts the deck three times. The magician takes the deck and looks at the cards, also at the spectator eyes, because the eyes can tell many things, one begins the card! The magician takes one card from the deck and puts it on the table face down, and asks the spectator. Which is your card? The spectator says his card, then the magician tells him to turn the card on the table face up, the spectator does so and the card on the table is the spectator’s card.

The secret? Yes, I know everybody wants to know the secret, OK. let me give you the secret.


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