Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hypnosis Stage Shows. Training classes in three days?

Hypnosis Stage Shows
Hypnosis Stage Shows
It is very common to see hypnosis stage shows in Las Vegas, a magical city where you can find many great types of entertainment shows. More and more we’re seeing advertisements for hypnosis shows in local cities and towns throughout the country. It seems like there is a craze for hypnosis shows. Some of that might have to do with the growth in hypnosis training programs that promise to make you a stage hypnotist in three to five days. 

The question remains about whether hypnosis shows are real or not. It raises good questions about the practice of hypnosis and if anyone can be hypnotized – or be a hypnotist. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Magic Trick Revealed

“magic trick revealed”
Since the masked magician appeared many years ago, many magicians and those who are not performers but love magic were upset and surprised that this masked magician was revealing secrets that for years and years illusionists have been keeping hidden, only revealing the secrets to those working in magic as a career. 

At that time it was a scandal equaling the shock of the first appearance of miniskirts and bikinis on television all over the world. 

And that’s nothing to say about how the Internet is revealing the secret behind different magic tricks. "Magic Trick Revealed"Now you can learn everything on the Internet from basic magic card tricks to big stage illusions. Videos even show the secrets of how to make a person disappear, a car appear – you name it!!!