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Taylor Library Shows & Events

Taylor County FL Library Free Summer Events, Magic Shows and Activities for Kids.

Looking for things to do in summer for free in Perry, FL Library? 

Your local library is hosting this summer many shows, activities and things to do for free
Visit your local library in Perry Florida - Taylor County - to learn more about the free summer events and activities for kids in 2019. 
Most of the activities and events include: magic shows, live performance shows with animals, reading activities and other fun events with books, storytellers, arts and crafts, and much more.

All of these are free activities and events for the community. The Summer free events and activities are for kids of all ages, as well as teenagers and even adults! 
Bring your family and friends to enjoy a variety of events and activities at your local library in Perry Florida this coming summer 2019. 
Perry FL Library Events

And remember:
  • Visit the Taylor County Public Library website to check for dates and times of the free summer events, shows and activities. 
  • Call ahead of time to your local library to reserve your spot for the event, show or activity.
  • Arrive early.


Here is a list for the libraries - dates and times - in Perry Florida for a Free Magic Show by Cesar Domico.


Library: Taylor County Public Library

Type of Show: Magic Show 
Activity: Kids - Family show 
Fee: Free Event 
Date:  June 18, 2019
Time: 10:30 am
Location: 403 N Washington St, Perry, FL 32347
Phone Number: (850) 838-3512

The activities and events are organized by your local library - Taylor County Public Library in Perry, Florida. Most of the activities, shows and events are sponsored by Friends of the Library and/or the city and/or county.

Check the General list of Free Magic Shows at the libraries in Florida.

Perry, Florida things to do in summer: Free Summer Events, Shows and Activities for Kids at your local library.