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Learn Free Card Magic Tricks
Are you always wondering how to do a magic trick with cards to impress and amaze friends and family? But you don’t have the skills to do a card trick? Learn Card Magic Tricks Here for Free!
Pasco Libraries Free Summer Magic Shows
Your local library in Pasco County is hosting this summer many shows, activities and things to do for free.
Volusia Libraries Free Summer Magic Shows
Your local library in Volusia County is hosting this summer many shows, activities and things to do for free.
Gilchrist County Libraries Free Magic Shows
Your local library in Gilchrist County is hosting this summer many shows, activities and things to do for free.
Taylor County Libraries Free Magic Shows
Your local library in Taylor County is hosting this summer many shows, activities and things to do for free.
Sumter County Libraries Free Magic Shows
Your local library in Sumter County is hosting this summer many shows, activities and things to do for free.
Lake County FL Libraries Free Magic Shows
Your local library in Lake County is hosting this summer many shows, activities and things to do for free.
Pinellas Libraries Free Summer Magic Shows
Your local library in Pinellas County is hosting this summer many shows, activities and things to do for free.
Hillsborough Free Summer Events
Your local library in Hillsborough County is hosting this summer many shows, activities and things to do for free.
The Illusionists
The illusionists’ show consists of five to eight brilliant magicians performing mind readings, illusions, escapology, and comedic magic to flabbergast the live audience. Each of the artists that perform in the show comes with a unique talent.

Discount tickets Blue Man Show Orlando
If you are a Florida resident and have always wanted to see the Blue Man Group Show in Orlando but held off because of sky-high ticket prices, here is an opportunity that you won’t want to miss!

Free Summer Events Florida
Free magic shows for kids at your local library in Florida. Free Summer Shows - Schedule. Check with your local library the dates and times.

Lake City, FL Events: Comedy Magic Show
Comedy Magic & Illusions Show in Lake City, Fla. Hosted by American Legion Post 57. Enjoy a dynamic, interactive Comedy Magic & Illusions Show with family and friends. Event in Lake City Fl.!  Event Date: June 15, 2019 Event Time: 7:00 pm.  Event Location: American Legion Post 57 2602 SW Main Boulevard, Lake City, FL.  Price: $15 in advance and $20 at the door.  AGES: 21 and up ONLY.  Event

Best Dinner Shows in Orlando
Best Dinner Shows in Orlando, FL. So you find yourself in Orlando, wanting to enjoy a great meal and some entertainment with friends – or maybe a romantic evening with your significant other. But you don’t know where to go.  No need to worry. Below is a list of places sure to make your night memorable! There are magicians, belly dancers, flamenco shows and more – all sure to wow you and your

The Cirque Magique
Cirque Theater: The Cirque Magique & Cirque by Night. They’re not just dinner shows – they’re an experience! Looking for fun, live entertainment dinner shows in the Orlando area? The Cirque Magique & Cirque by Night are great options to consider! The Cirque in Orlando offers two types of dinner shows: Cirque Magique and Cirque by

Magic Organizations in the U.S.
Magic Organizations in the U.S.  The Society of American Magicians (SAM) The Academy of Magical Arts / Magic Castle IBM - The International Brotherhood of Magicians They say that magic knows no borders – whether that be age limits or countries where it is loved. Magic is an art that appeals to young and old, to people in various cultures all around the globe.

Close-up Magicians, Strolling Magicians
Close-up Magicians / Strolling Magicians:   Are you thinking about hiring a Close-up Magician / Strolling Magician for your trade shows, corporate dinner events or wedding? Close-up magic is a type of magic that doesn’t require a lot of equipment. A close-up magician or strolling magician usually brings all of his or her magic tricks in their pockets: like a deck of cards, coins, sponge

Masters of Illusion
Masters of Illusion: Experience Magic like never before! Get ready to experience impossible escapes, vanishes, and levitation, while witnessing the greatest sleight of hand live in front of your eyes. Masters of Illusion is the largest magic tour show of the world. Forget about watching appearances on TV; nothing beats magic shows in person. No camera tricks, no CGI graphics – experience

Magic Shows in Orlando
7 Best Magic Shows in Orlando, Florida.  Here is a list of the Best Magic Shows in Orlando, FL. The Cirque Magique, Magic Show Orlando - dinner, The Great Magic Hall, Nick’s Parlor Tricks - dinner and show, Drew Thomas Productions, Outta Control Magic Dinner Show and Wizardz Magic Theater. A family vacation in Orlando is a magical experience for kids and adults. Orlando offers many things to

Genii Convention
Genii Convention  For professional and amateur magicians – or simply people who love magic – a magic convention is a great way to learn about the latest tricks, illusions and magic techniques in the industry or to meet some of the biggest names in the business. Every year there are dozens of magic conventions with different themes and styles all throughout the United States – from Florida to

Discount Tickets Dinner Shows Orlando
Buy Discount Tickets for dinner shows and attractions in Orlando and save money! (But beware of the scams!) Orlando has many attractions to visit. Besides the parks, Orlando offers visitors and local residents plenty of other things to do – such as live shows, magic shows, dinner shows, water parks, aquariums, and more!

Daytona Magic Convention
When we talk about magic conventions in Florida, The Daytona Magic Convention has its own signature in the Sunshine State. Every November in Daytona, Florida, The Daytona Magic Convention brings the best magic experience for the whole audience – magicians and non-magicians alike. Attendees can experience all types of shows

The Great Magic Hall
The Great Magic Hall.  Beyond the sights, sounds, and enchantments of Old Town in Kissimmee, Florida, is a gathering spot for lovers of magic. the Great Magic Hall offers close-up magic, parlor and card tricks.  For visitors seeking for an alternative entertainment in the Orlando area, the Great Magic Hall may be

Magic Shops Online vs Local Magic Shops
The Enchantment of local magic shops  I remember a time not long ago – before the Internet and online magic videos, before websites that taught magic tricks or gave away secrets for free – sneaking away to a magic shop on weekend afternoons.I was a little boy growing up in my home town of Bogotá, Colombia. At the time, in the early 1980s, there was a lot of turmoil in my city and country, but

Magic in Havana, Cuba
MagiCuba – Magic in Havana, Cuba!! It is always great news to hear about a Festival of Magic in any city, in any country at any time. And it is DOUBLE GREAT NEWS to learn that one of the next big magic events is going to be in Havana, Cuba! MagiCuba – The First International Festival and Conference of Magic will be held in the magical city of Havana, Cuba from November 7 to 11, 2018

Wizardz Magic Theater
Picture owned by Wizardzmagictheater.com Every Monday is a Monday of Magic at the Wizardz Magic Theater. Professional magicians from all over the world and with different magic styles visit the Wizardz Magic Theater to perform their amazing magic shows. Its owner, the Magician Erick Olson, is proud to present a different magician each Monday night. A mix of styles and shows.

Easy Magic Tricks, Card tricks
The ACE of MAGIC - Magician Cesar Domico Magic with cards and Close-Up Magic: Are they easy magic tricks?  I wonder if the same thing has happened to you that happened to me. My first introduction to magic was seeing a magician performing at a kid’s party. I can’t remember exactly what magic tricks he was doing, but what I recalled was that he was the center of everyone’s attention! Ha!

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows - Orlando, FL
Looking for a place in Orlando that offers a variety of shows? From Magic, Stand-up Comedy Shows, Dinner Shows and Mystery Dinner Shows? The mystery is solved! Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows located in Orlando, FL is the place! One of my passions in my free time is to go see shows, especially if they are shows about magic or comedy. One of my friends at the gym recommended this place and I

David Copperfield’s Magic Trick Revealed in Court
David Copperfield’s magic trick revealed! The news is everywhere! Newspapers, radio shows, Internet, T.V. news, T.V. shows, coffee shops, magic shops, and friends are talking about this. David Copperfield, the most famous magician performing in Las Vegas, needs to reveal the secrets of his illusion in which he made members of the audience disappear from the stage!

I don’t believe in magic!
Courtesy of Pixabay.com During the 20 years of my career as a magician, I often have had the experience of someone from the audience come up to me before or after the show to say: "I don't believe in magic." My response to them is always the same: "Good, that makes two of us!" Some will turn to me and ask, "If you don’t believe in magic, why are you a magician?"

Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show - WonderWorks
Pizza. Magic. Improv. Impersonations. Unlimited soda. What do these have in common?  They can all be enjoyed at Orlando’s most captivating dinner show, The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show in WonderWorks! Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show - WonderWorks.  The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show is located

Hypnosis Stage Shows, Training classes
It is very common to see hypnosis stage shows in Las Vegas, a magical city where you can find many great types of entertainment shows. More and more we’re seeing advertisements for hypnosis shows in local cities and towns throughout the country. It seems like there is a craze for hypnosis shows. Some of that might have to do with the growth in hypnosis training programs that promise to make

Magic Trick Revealed
Magic Trick Revealed Since the masked magician appeared many years ago, many magicians and those who are not performers but love magic were upset and surprised that this masked magician was revealing magic secrets that for years and years illusionists have been keeping hidden, only revealing the secrets to those working in magic as a career.  At that time it was a scandal equaling the shock

The Prestige, movie
The Prestige - movie. The Prestige is a great movie. It’s one of my favorite movies about magic. It shows the realistic world of the competition of magicians that exists behind the scenes of all stagecraft.  It is not my intention in this blog post to review a movie. Instead, the movie helps open the door to a larger point: what happens sometimes behind the scenes of magic.  Ever since I

Women Magicians
Women Magicians  Women are magical for many reasons, and among those reasons is that many of them are magicians!  For years it was common to see women in magic shows involved as the lovely assistant – appearing from boxes, dancing, being levitated or sawed in half. While the magician, a man, got the applause and the name atop the billing, the women were doing a big portion of the work. 

Penn & Teller: Fool Us
Penn and Teller: Fool Us.  Penn & Teller are an amazing “dynamic duo” in magic. As professional magicians and entertainers they have surprised and dazzled thousands of audiences through the years, becoming increasingly familiar in the field of magic and illusions. One of the most well known and popular TV magic shows is “Penn and Teller: Fool Us,” presented by Jonathan Ross.

Florida Magic Conventions
Magic Conventions in Florida. Florida has long been considered a magical state, and it also is one of the most popular locations to hold conventions – thanks in part to copious sunshine, award-winning beaches, and tons of attractions around Orlando like Disney World and Universal Studios. So it’s no surprise that Florida has increasingly become a hotbed for magic conventions, too.

Rabbits for magic shows
But before you ask for such a trick, there are some things to keep in mind. Behind the stage the rabbits suffer. I respect my colleagues who choose to work with rabbits, doves or animals and I hope that they are doing their best to take care of the animals. But for me, as a magician, I do not work with rabbits because if I'm doing my best and the show is entertaining and the tricks outstanding, I don't need to resort to using a rabbit for people to remember my show.

Hire a magician!
According with your event select the right magician for your event. When you decide to hire a magician, you need to ask yourself what you want from the magician for your party or event. It is different to hire a magician for a kid’s birthday party than for a convention, corporate party, festival or a strolling cocktail party.


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