A holiday weekend full of kids parties!

The last weekend I did four magic shows, and they were great. Nice People and great parties!

Every time I try to predict if a party could be good or not, but it is very difficult. Each has different styles, different cultures and different ways to have a party.

Also, the weekend brought beautiful days with a lot of sun. Two of the parties were outdoors. I was really hot because I was wearing my red magic jacket. I needed to use it because I hold tricks in my pockets, and it is part of my look as a magician!

I needed to drive about two hours between the parties, which is a long time, but when I go to perform a magic show, I don’t care how many hours I need to drive. It is about my passion for magic. I love to anticipate how the people are going to react to my show at the party, and I also think about ways my show can improve the party. I enjoy performing magic shows at the party, but also I work hard to entertain the people, and I think that the big point in this profession is that the people will be happy at the party with the magic show. I am happy when the people feel happy at the party and enjoy the show. It’s a good way for people to relax and take a break from all the stress, to laugh and enjoy something different, to forget their routines and pressures of their jobs. That’s my goal with each show. I enjoy doing my magic for the people, bringing laughs of illusions!

I don’t have the words to explain how I feel when the people at the party can’t stop laughing, and when I see the kids smiling. They ask me how I do the tricks, or sometimes they try to explain the tricks to me. I feel happy when the kids and parents tell me stories about some memories in the past at other parties because I know that a good party can have a lasting effect with people. This is my medicine for the life: enjoy what I do! After a weekend like that, I feel happy and with energy to prepare the shows coming up the next few days. I need to drive a lot to Miami, Orlando, Sarasota and more cities! Wow, it’s a lot of miles that I need to drive, but I’m always thinking that at the end of the trip are kids and parents waiting to see something different and amazing in my magic show! I am working hard to bring them a show that will make everyone have a great time!


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