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Hire a magician for your event!

Hiring a magician for a conventions, party or any special event has become popular. People hire magicians for special occasions as conventions, kid’s parties, festivals, schools, corporate events, libraries, adult parties, etc.

According with your event select the right magician for your event. But how to hire the right magician for your event?

When you decide to hire a magician, you need to ask yourself what you want from the magician for your party or event.
It is different to hire a magician for a kid’s birthday party than for a convention, corporate party, festival or a strolling cocktail party.

There are many services that entertainment companies offer for events, such as comedians, hypnotists, musicians, clowns, bounce houses, face painting, balloon makers, etc. (Depending of your event).

Every customer wants the best act or magic show for the event, and from my over 20 years of experience as a magician, every event is special and different.

How to decide to hire the right magician? 

There are many factors to consider before you hire a magician:
  • The budget - the price & the service: How much do you want to spend hiring a magician for your event? Just because the magician asks a high price is not an indication that he or she is the best magician to hire for your event. But that is also true if the magician asks a very low price. However, the price can give an indication whether the magician works as an amateur or is a full-time professional magician. Then you can compare that to the budget you set for hiring a magician.
  • Some magicians offer extra services to attract customers' attention. I would like to say that in my experience, offering a lot for a low price is a marketing trick
    In other words, a professional magician charges based on the quality of his or her tricks and the magic show
  • Be sure that you hire the right magician for your type of event. Consider the style of the magic show that the magician is offering. There are many styles
    • Comedy magic show. 
    • Close up - dinner shows
    • Magic with music. 
    • Card tricks.
    • Illusions.
    • Kids magic shows. 
    • Stage magic, etc.
  • At the end! You don’t want a professional magician working 45 minutes with card tricks for a kids party where the children are 5 years old; or a comedy magic show with adult humor when your event is a family reunion with kids present; or a clown magician for an elegant corporate conventions or cocktail party.
  • Local magicians: Hiring a local magician near to you helps to save money. If you are in an small city and there are not local magicians try a diferent cities. Magicians may travel to your city for an small extra fee. Compare prices with diferent magicians near to your city. 

Remember, your party is a special event, and you want something great for your guests. Your Event is Unique!

As a professional magician, I want to talk about my experience and what I think the customers need to consider in order to hire a professional magician for their event.

Hiring a magician for corporations, conventions and trade events.

For some corporations as trade events, dinner/lunch break, cocktail parties or a break for a conference, a close-up / strolling magic show or comedy magic are perfect. See if the magician can work with both small and large groups. 
The amount of time for the event is very important. For instance, perhaps you have a convention, and you need to hire a magician to entertain more than 100 people during a 30-minute break. Consider having the magician stroll through the crowd performing close-up magic, or perhaps stationing the magician at a table where the guests can pass by and watch his magic tricks. Also, you might want to consider hiring two or three magicians for this type of event to make sure that all the guests get to see a variety of close-up magic. If you have the option to have your guests at the same time, then a comedy magic show or illusion show are perfect to impress and relax the audience. By the way close-up magic is one of my favorite type of magic.

Hiring a magician for kid’s party: 

Working for kids is amazing! With all the technology available to kids today, it's not easy to impress them with a simple trick and a joke! A magician needs to know how to dazzle an audience of kids! And they are full of energy! To keep the kids' attention during a 45-minute magic show is a challenge for magicians. The magician needs to be more than a magician: the magician needs to be an entertainer, a positive, creative person, someone who can read an audience and think on his feet -- someone who can build up the kids' self-esteem after they help with the tricks, leaving the kids feeling good about themselves. Someone who loves what he is doing and is devoted 100 percent to the magic show!

Let’s put kid's parties into sub-categories: 

Kid's birthday party, schools, libraries and general kid’s party as Christmas, festivals, etc.

Hire a magician for a kid's birthday party.

  • Age: To entertain the guests, consider the age of the children. Are the kids, including the birthday child, old enough to enjoy the show (usually, 4 years old and older)? 
  • Kid's participation: If the birthday child is 4 years old or older, do you want a kid’s magic show where the birthday child is the star of the show? 
  • Full of energy and tricks appropriate for the ages: Ask how the magician interacts with the kids and keeps the kid’s attention full time. 
  • Parents: Even though the show is for the kids, ask if the parents will enjoy the show. They may enjoy watching the kids having fun during the show, and they also might get to participate.

Hiring a magician for a school magic show.

The way the magicians work for a school or summer camp magic show needs to be different. To hire a magician for a school or summer camp ask: 

  • Number of kids: Can the magician handle many kids at the same time? 
  • Professional: Is the magician able to provide proof of a background check, liability insurance, car insurance, and many other legal paperwork? 
  • Educational: Are there tricks during the show that work as educational tools for the kids? 
  • Interaction: How does the magician interact with the kids?

Hiring a magician for a General party like holidays or festivals 

The magic show needs to be fast-moving and interactive and needs to have the capacity to handle any situation, like the weather, audience, environment, place, number of people, etc. 
For example, if you hire a magician for a festival on the stage, and it starts to rain, the magician needs to be ready to jump to an alternative solution for the customer. That is why you are hiring a professional magician, to bring solutions for your event. The magician is an entertainer who can perform a magic show on stage, in a small setting or perform table by table with close-up magic.

Remember: To hire a magician for a kid’s party, you definitely need a magician who specializes in kid’s parties & events for kids.


Hiring a magician for an adult party - family party. 

There are fantastic magicians doing great shows for adult parties. But before you hire a magician, consider whether you will have an audience of all adults or if there will be children present; if you just want magic or if you'd like a combination of humor and a magic show. If you are hoping to hire a comedy magician for an adult party, that does not mean the magician needs to use swear words. But you want the humor to be fun for all age groups if there are some children present, too. 

References and reviews 

Since the customers aren't familiar with the magician's show and services, references from other customers can help with a decision about whether the magician is the best choice for the event. There are other factors that can make you feel more secure or confident upon making a decision to hire a magician. For instance: 
Experience: The magician's experience level and whether the magician works as a magician full time or part time.
Presentation or how the magician dresses for the shows.
Punctuality or having a policy to arrive early for set up time.
Weather policy, or how the magician handles rescheduling or refunds in the event of major rain storms, tornadoes or hurricanes. 
Other factors include whether the magician has a professional company that is registered with the state; how the magician interacts with customers when they call inquiring about a show; and proper invoices and paperwork.

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