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Magicians, Performers and Entertainers Insurance

Magicians Performers and Entertainers Insurance

Like entertainers in general, we professional magicians naturally tend to focus most of our attention and energy on the craft – perfecting equipment, tricks and illusions so that we can bring the best shows possible to our audiences. However, there is another factor that is just as important to our clients when deciding to book us: Liability Insurance.

As entertainers – whether we are magicians, dancers, clowns or musicians – we need to have all the necessary paperwork in order to work and perform in different venues.

There’s nothing more frustrating to all sides than being on the cusp of booking a great event when the client asks at the last minute for liability insurance – and you don’t have it. To get the insurance on short notice can be difficult, stressful and expensive. 
Below I will share a couple of ways you can plan ahead and be prepared for any venue and situation in order to book your great act, even at the last minute. 

What is a magician and/or general entertainer Liability Insurance? 

Liability insurance is a certificate to cover your equipment, show, acts and people in the event of damage resulting from your show, and also protects the venue and covers anyone from the audience that is involved in your act. 

Why do venues and customers ask for liability insurance?

Accidents happen. Even if a venue has its own insurance, the client might not want to assume responsibility for your act as an independent contractor. Also sometimes the hiring client is separate from the venue, which remains neutral by requiring you to have your own insurance. 
A few things to consider when choosing a company for liability insurance:

  • Liability and Car Insurance are different: Liability Insurance is different from the vehicle insurance. The liability insurance doesn’t cover your vehicle. The venues/company also could ask for your regular car insurance. What they want is the declaration of car insurance, which is separate from your car insurance certification that you put in your glove compartment. The declaration from your car insurance includes details like amount covered, car details, dates, payments, etc.
  • Not all acts are covered by your Liability Insurance: Some acts that involve hypnosis, fire, balloons, chemicals, fireworks and animals are not covered or they need an extra liability insurance coverage at significantly higher prices.
  • Add the venue’s name to your Liability Certificate of Insurance: When hiring you, a venue might ask for this. Call your liability insurance company and ask them to send you a Certificate of Insurance with the venue’s name and address added (usually goes on the bottom of the page). The certificate is usually two pages. This is very common, and your insurance company should know exactly what you’re asking for. 
  • Read it very carefully: Be sure your name, company’s name and address is correct. The venue can reject your liability insurance if it doesn’t match with all your paperwork.
  • Renew it on time or before it expires: Renew your liability insurance on time or even a few months ahead of time. If a venue is booking you for an event two months from now but they see that your insurance is about to expire in a few weeks, they might turn you down.

How to select a provider and get your liability insurance for your events? 

It is a little difficult and very expensive to get Liability Insurance directly with an insurance company. The best way to get your liability insurance is by joining a group like a club, association and/or organization of magicians and entertainers. When you are part of any organization, the insurance companies offer group insurance, so the prices are much more affordable. 
Things to have in mind to join any organization to get your Liability insurance:
  • Pay the fees: In order to join the organization, there is a fee. The fee changes depending on the organization and their benefits. After you pay the annual fee to join the organization, you pay for the Liability Insurance every year.
  • Shop for better options and prices: Some insurance companies charge less to have the general liability insurance, but then they charge from $30 to $60 for each additional name added when you call to request a Certificate of Insurance for a venue. If you know you are going to perform at a lot of venues requesting certificates every year, it might be better to find a policy that’s a little more for annual insurance but that offers unlimited certificates and name add-ons at no additional price.


Magicians Performers and Entertainers Insurance

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Insurance for Magicians Performers and Entertainers


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