Card Magic Tricks

Learn Basic Card Magic Tricks 

Are you always wondering how to do a magic trick with cards to impress and amaze friends and family? But you don’t have the skills to do a card trick?

Are Card Magic Tricks easy to learn? 

These sections are about card magic tricks for beginners. Some of the card tricks here are easy to learn. However as you advance through these lessons, you will find that the card tricks and techniques being taught get more complicated. Don’t be afraid. Just follow the instructions and with a little practice, you can learn those card tricks and techniques in a short period of time. 
With these instructions and suggestions to learn card magic tricks, you don’t need to have special skills or expensive equipment or prepare a special deck of cards. All that you need is a regular standard 52-card deck.  

Learn Basic Magic Tricks with Cards here for Free! 

Card Magic Tricks
This is a manual based on my book, Basic Magic with Cards, that I published in Spanish and English. The first edition in Spanish was published in May 1999 in Bogotá, Colombia. The second edition was in English in 2005 in Tampa, Florida. This is book is a recompilation of basic card magic tricks, routines, techniques, movements and some suggestions on the way to present card trick routines. All this material is for you and it is free.

How To learn and To do Magic Tricks with Cards here? 

To be a self-taught magician has benefits, one of which is to know that a book of card magic tricks is something people would like to have whether or not they are magic fans. We are always curious to know something about the mysterious and how it works. 
This is why I have written this book. The book is designed to teach magic with cards to its readers. Step by step I will explain to you how the card magic tricks work and how you can surprise others with them. Nothing that you will see in this book is improvised; these are games that I have done for a long time. Some magic card games and techniques have original names. I gave special names to others because when I learned them, they did not have names. I did not take these card tricks from other books, although if they have appeared in other books, I apologize but that is not where I learned them. Some tricks have been passed down through generations. Some of the card tricks here I invented or learned from other magicians.

Structure how to learn and to do magic card tricks 

Learn the Basics + learn the techniques + apply the techniques to the magic card tricks + presentation of the card magic trick + Repetition + Practice! 
I hope you enjoy learning these free lessons on how to do magic card tricks!

Card Tricks

CHAPTER ONE: Basic movements with the cards

  1. Identification of the deck of cards and the Mat
     - Click here to go to Identification of the deck of cards
  2. Magic mathematics with cards
  3. Basic movements with the deck of cards in your hands:
    - Position of the deck of cards in the hands
    - Basic position of the deck of cards in the left hand
    - Spreading the cards in the hands
    - Basic position of the deck of cards in the right hand
    Click here to learn Basic Movements with the cards
  4. Flourishes: - Type of deck of cards & The ribbon spread / Spreading the cards on the magician's mat- Learn it
    - The waterfall - Learn it
    - Spreading the cards: - Learn it
    - The fan - Learn it

CHAPTER TWO: Games part one

  1. Family meeting - Click here to Learn how to do it
  2. Great prediction
  3. Guess 5 different cards
  4. The twenty one classic cards
  5. Crazy world
  6. The wise man

CHAPTER THREE: Authentic shuffles

  1. Authentic shuffles
  2. The riffle shuffle
  3. Shuffle Hindu shuffle
  4. Shuffle by cuts
  5.  A. from the hand to the table
  6.  B. simple cut
  7.  C. Hindu cut
  8.  D. cut in the hands
  9. Overhand shuffle
  10. The table shuffle

CHAPTER FOUR: Games: second part 

  1. Opportune mistake
  2. Card’s weight
  3. The Aces fly
  4. Guide card
  5. Great bet
  6. Magic with numbers
  7. Crazy prediction
  8. Double prediction
  9. Triple guess, double applause!

CHAPTER FIVE: Control and False shuffles

  1. Controls and false shuffles
  2. Controls by false overhand shuffle
  3.  A. Control from the top to the bottom
  4.  B. Control from the bottom to the top
  5.  C. Control a packet on the top
  6. Control by riffle shuffle
  7.  A. Control of a card on the top
  8.  B. Control of a card on bottom
  9.  C. Control of a packet on the top
  10.  D. Control of the packet on the bottom
  11. False Shuffle by cuts
  12. A. From the hand to the table
  13. B. False cut with the right index

CHAPTER SIX: Games: Third part  

  1. Everything is under control
  2. Guide card and it’s the first
  3. Fast change Reds and Blacks
  4. Just half card
  • big 2 of spades
  • big 5 of clubs
  • big 3 of spades
  • big 3 ½ of clubs