Magic Organizations in the U.S.

Magic Organizations in the U.S.

Magic organizations & clubs in the U.S.

The Society of American Magicians (SAM)
The Academy of Magical Arts / Magic Castle
IBM - The International Brotherhood of Magicians

They say that magic knows no borders – whether that be age limits or countries where it is loved. Magic is an art that appeals to young and old, to people in various cultures all around the globe.
Whether you are a novice magician or a well-practiced professional, magic organizations, associations and clubs are a great way to stay current on the latest trends.

Below we have compiled a list of 3 magic organizations / associations and societies with clubs in the United States -- with chapters all around the world -- where people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels can join, meet working magicians and learn some tricks of the trade.

The Society of American Magicians (SAM)

The Society of American Magicians (SAM) was founded in 1902 in New York City and is the oldest magic organization or society in the world, for more than a century promoting the ideals of Houdini, Thurston, Kellar and more than 30,000 magicians who have claimed society membership. That includes the elevation of the art of magic, promotion of harmony between magicians, and countering the unnecessary public exposure of magic effects. 
SAM has more than 250 society assemblies around the globe. 
All members of SAM organization must agree to its ethical guidelines.
Type: Magic Organization / Society.
Location: U.S.A – New York City.
Annual membership fee: $79 USA; $99 all other countries
Paperless global member fee: $55
Youth annual membership: $20
Trial membership: $35 
The Convention: Every year the annual convention is held in a different city.
For more details about membership, conventions and general events visit The Society of American Magicians’ website:

The Academy of Magical Arts / Magic Castle

The Academy of Magical Arts is the world’s most exclusive private magic organization/club and home to the world-famous Magic Castle, located in a century-old Victorian mansion in Hollywood, California. 
Guests must be invited or accompanied by a member, or large parties can purchase a One-day Presto! 
Membership only for group events. Members can issue guest passes to friends and business associates; get admission to members-only events; and have access to the Castle’s world-class performers, shows and dining experience, as well as its extensive library. 
Type: Magic Organization / Club 
Location:U.S.A – Hollywood, CA
Membership fees are $750 a year, plus an initiation fee of $1,500. 
For more information, visit The Academy of Magical Arts / Magic Castle website:

IBM - The International Brotherhood of Magicians

The largest magic organization in the world, the International Brotherhood of Magicians has hundreds of local branches or clubs that meet each month, with members in 88 countries. 
Founded in 1922, its annual convention draws top magicians and offers magnificent magic shows, lectures and demonstrations. 
The IBM convention has different contests in various levels and specialties, including a young magicians contest.
IBM is also well-known for its magazine, Linking Ring.
All magic lovers are welcome, from the amateur hobbyist to professional performers to Las Vegas legends.
Type: Magic Organization / Club. 
Location: U.S.A – Saint Charles, Missouri.
The annual membership fees range from $40 up to $70 a year. 
For more information about IBM, magic conventions, membership and its benefits, visit The International Brotherhood of Magicians website:

Magic Organizations, associations and clubs in the U.S.The Society of American Magicians (SAM) - The Academy of Magical Arts / Magic Castle - IBM - The International Brotherhood of Magicians


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