I don’t believe in magic!

Do you believe in magic? Is magic real or is magic just a trick?

I don't believe in magic!

I don’t believe in magic!
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During the 20 years of my career as a magician, I often have had the experience of someone from the audience come up to me before or after the show to say: "I don't believe in magic." My response to them is always the same: "Good, that makes two of us!" Some will turn to me and ask, "If you don’t believe in magic, why are you a magician?"

The reason is simple. According with Wikipedia we have two types of magic: magic (paranormal) the use of paranormal methods to manipulate natural forces and magic (Illusions) the art of appearing to perform supernatural feats. 

I understand that for some people the word magic can appear as something mysterious (paranormal) -- something they are afraid of. For others, magic doesn’t exist at all because magic is a manipulation of the reality and they call it a trick. 

We magicians have a different idea about magic. 

We use the concept of magic like we own the word. For many of us (magicians) the magic is art. It may include the study of acting, music, mathematics, body expression, lights, engineering, etc. 

If we talk about the classic concept of magic, the dark one, as opposed to the philosophical perspective, we can see that the ones who really don’t believe in magic are the magicians. Again you might say, What? Why?! Because magicians create illusions to show the people something impossible, but in the end anyone who commits themselves with dedicated practice and study can reach the goal of doing illusions and presenting them as magic. Anybody can learn how to do a trick. But it is only when you learn how to combine magic as mystery, and magic as art that you become a magician, a professional magician. As a true magician, you do more than perform tricks: you create an atmosphere of entertainment.

So, you don't believe in magic?

I don't believe in magic!
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Sometimes people from the audience who say they don't believe in magic are just trying to give the magician a hard time. Or they connect magic to a metaphysical belief. Really they need to re-consider the concept and relate the word MAGIC with entertainment.

Let me correct this: For me, Yes - I really believe in magic 

But not the common understanding of magic. Instead, I believe in the magic and power of entertainment, the magic of love, the magic of peace and the magic to reach your goals in life. But that type of magic is not possible just by moving a magic wand. They are concepts but they become real when we work for them. Then we will understand that magic is more than an illusion; magic is something that each of us can do if we truly believe in what we want and we believe in ourselves. 

The trick is how you develop and approach that goal in your life

I believe in magic!
Magicians are dream makers -- and that is what you need to start the process: a dream. DREAM OF SOMETHING, DREAM OF WHAT YOU WANT, and DREAM ABOUT YOUR PASSION IN LIFE! After that we need a plan, then we need education, then we need action, then we need to learn from mistakes, correct the errors and perfect them in order to move forward for that dream. 

The Magicians believe in art!

The magicians you see doing a trick probably don't believe in that dark concept of magic. But those magicians believe that the trick can be done and that they can make it very magical in front of your eyes. They believe in the magic as an art, in themselves and trying to perfect that trick through hard work and constantly learning how to bring to the audience the best act, delivered with love and passion. Then if the magicians are able to surprise and entertain, the audience's applause could be the return of the happiness that the magician – the performer – the actor - the human being, has given to them. It is this connection that we call the real magic. And in that magic we most certainly believe.

Do you believe in magic? Is magic real or is magic just a trick?

I don't believe in magic!

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