Digital Business Cards, reviews

Digital business cards, reviews

My review about the digital business card LinqCard - The Pros and cons

As more of our records and professional dealings have gone paperless, it was probably just a matter of time that business cards went the same way. Digital business cards: Sounds like a great idea, right? It is! However there’s more to it than you might think. If you’re wondering if digital business cards are worth it, read on, as I share with you my experience and the pros and cons of shelving paper business cards and replacing them with digital ones.

First, what is a digital business card?

A digital business card, also known as a smart business card, is a single card that you can carry in your wallet. When someone asks you for a business card, you can tap this single digital business card onto the person’s phone, or they can scan the barcode that is on the card. In an instant, your contact information will appear on their phone, and they can save it in their contacts list.

How does it work in a real-life business encounter?

Recently, I was performing at an event in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and I had time to talk with the DJ. After our conversation, I asked him for a business card. He took out his wallet, produced a card and said, “This is magic. Do you have your phone?” 

I did, and when I held up my iPhone 13, he touched my phone with his card. Then, just as I described above, his business information appeared on my phone, where I saved it. 

This was magical! I decided to get one, too, ordering my own digital business card the next day. Now many companies are offering their services for digital business cards. I went with LinqCard. It was an easy process to order my digital business card online with LinqCard. 

As part of my order, I personalized the card with my name, contact information and logo. It cost me around $37 plus shipping. So far so good! 

But then I started to use it. And I started to have second thoughts.

Is the digital business card worth it? -- The pros and cons:

Let’s start with the pros: Once I started to use my LinqCard, I found you can:

  1. Carry it easily:

    Forget about needing to stash a bulky stack of paper business cards in your purse, briefcase or satchel. With the digital business card, you just bring one card in your wallet and pass your information along by touching someone’s phone or scanning the bar code.
  2. Save money and time:

    No need for printing and designing paper business cards. With the digital business cards, you change the information as many times as you want, add a new picture and even update a website and emails without having to pay designers and printing expenses. With just a one-time payment, many offer options with no logo, a simple logo or advanced or fancy formats. Prices range from $9.99 to $100 for the card.
  3. Protect the environment:

    Save trees with the digital business cards by cutting back on the need for more paper.
  4. Easily manage coworker cards:

    Instead of ordering new stacks of printed business cards every time someone joins your company, the digital business card can be bought ahead of time and updated as soon as the employee starts the job. Once that employee leaves, the card can be used again by changing or updating the information online for their replacement.

But after more time using my LinqCard digital business card, I began to realize there were some drawbacks, too.

Now let’s consider some of the cons:

  1. The customer doesn’t want to digitally store or scan your information:

    Sometimes customers want to reserve their phone contact list for close family and friends with select business contacts. They prefer not to fill their phone with too much business information that they might not use very often. Instead, they would rather have paper business cards they can turn to when they need the service. I personally feel this way, too. Also, for some it is a safety issue. I was surprised how many times people were wary of opening their cellphones to scan information.
  2. The digital business card doesn’t work for all the phones:

    In some cases the touch-only digital business cards work just for iPhone 12, 13 and up. For other versions, you might need to ask the person to unlock the phone and go to the camera, scan the information and go online and download the information to save it into the phone. I’ve had the biggest troubles with Samsung phones. I tried many times with several customers’ Samsung phones to try to get it to work. It can create an embarrassing situation.
  3. Bad internet connections:

    If you don’t have a good internet connection or it is too slow, they won’t be able to download the information to save onto their phone.

What to do with a digital business Card? 

Conclusion: For me, for all the reasons outlined above, in about 90% of the cases, people preferred a paper business card to the digital business card. 

My suggestion: offer both. During this time of technological transition, as more of these services develop and get adapted for our phones, helping more of us go paperless, it’s still a good idea to have the paper business cards on hand. 

After all, being prepared is the real secret to magic.

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Digital Business Cards, reviews. LinqCard. Are you wondering if the digital business cards are worth, yes or not? What is the digital business card?


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