7 Best Magic Shows in Orlando

7 Best Magic Shows in Orlando, Florida
A family vacation in Orlando is a magical experience for kids and adults. Orlando offers many things to do for visitors and locals. One of the best things to see while in Orlando is a magic show, and we’ve narrowed it down to the best magic shows in Orlando.

We listed the 7 best magic shows in Orlando. Visitors and locals can enjoy a variety of magic shows in Orlando. Magicians with different styles perform amazing shows such as close-up magic, illusions, comedy magic shows, family magic shows, theater shows, stage magic shows and the best part: The magic shows are for every age and every budget. 

So if you’re looking for a magician in Orlando to turn your ordinary evening into an extraordinary one, any of the 7 options on this list are sure to dazzle and amaze you as well your family and friends! 1. The Cirque MagiqueThe Cirque Magique is one of the best shows in Orlando; each afternoon show features dinner, circus acts and magicians. 
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Women in magic - Female Magicians

Women in magic - Female Magicians
Women are magical for many reasons, and among those reasons is that many of them are magicians!

For years it was common to see women in magic shows involved as the lovely assistant – appearing from boxes, dancing, being levitated or sawed in half. While the magician, a man, got the applause and the name atop the billing, the women were doing a big portion of the work. 

What’s more, increasingly women are the magicians themselves. 

Many years ago in my birth country of Colombia, I attended a Latin American congress of magic, and with great surprise saw for the first time a woman performing a stage show full of music and sleight of hand. 

It was Juliana Chen. The way she presented the act, expressing herself, involving her culture, the music, magic techniques and the routine was more that amazing. It was lovely!

More and more, women have been performing as the magician and not just as the magician’s assistant. Of course, for years many of the critics didn’t take them as seriously or give them as much attention as they do to the male magicians. But that is changing, too.

Women magicians who started years ago are opening doors for a younger generation of women who want to perform magic. 

After seeing the spectacular act of Juliana Chen, I start noticing women performing magic on theaters and TV magic shows such as Melinda “First Lady of Magic,” Mariko Itakura aka Princess Tenko and more! In local and International magic conventions it is more common to see women magicians and a specific contest for female magicians. 

Also, the influence of the Harry Potter movies has been big. The character ? played by Emma Watson has been a big source of inspiration for girls to play a central role in magic. 

I see it all the time in my magic shows. Parents call wanting a magic show for their daughters’ birthday parties. Schools, libraries and corporations want magic shows for the girls in their audience as much as the boys. After a show, I get lots of questions from girls who want to know, “How can I do magic? How do you do the tricks?” Magic sets for kids now feature a picture of a girl magician on the front of the box. 

The art of the magic that we once assumed was locked up just for men and a place where women were the side shows or lovely assistants has changed. Now the world of magic has opened, with women at center stage as the magicians – making magic shows that much lovelier.

Women in magic - Female Magicians

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