How To do 5 Card Tricks

Learn, Practice & Perform!

How To Do 5 Card Tricks
Learn how to do card tricks

How To Do 5 Card Tricks!

This is the final chapter of 6 chapters from my book, Basic Magic with Cards. In this chapter you will learn 5 more Card Magic Tricks with a regular deck of cards. Once again you are able to learn these card tricks one by one - step by step following the instructions and the pictures. All this card magic trick instructions are FREE online!


There are many ways to control a card; here is one of the most common. Tell a spectator to choose a card, to look at it and show it to everybody. Learn this card trick here


In this case I will explain a technique using a card trick. The name of the technique is “card race” and the game’s name is “your card is the first.” Card magicians use this card technique very often. The technique is very popular and it works great in many card tricks. Learn this card trick here.


This is an appetizer card trick. It means this is a short, fast and easy trick to do right before to present one of the well elaborate card trick routines. the audience love this trick! It has a big impact. Learn this card trick here.


Classic card trick! I love this version! This is an advanced card trick and it requires a lot of practice. Remember: Learn the tricks + Practice tricks = Great Presentation! with this tricks you can show to everyone your skill as card magician. Learn this card trick here.


This card trick makes the people laugh and be amazed! The end of this card routine is very powerful! There will be 4 predictions. But it will not be regular predictions. You have half the cards that they have. Learn this card trick here.

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How To do 5 Card Tricks

Learn How To do 5 Card Tricks. Free card magic tricks online

Complete Course Online. Learn How To do Card Magic Tricks


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