How to become a magician!

Becoming a magician is not easy. Like many other careers, it requires intense training, study, talent and a lot of practice.


There are two types of magicians: 

Amateur magician: 

This type of magician is a person who knows some magic tricks; has a number of magic props; collects magic tricks; likes to see live magic shows; goes to magic conferences and events related to magic, such as conventions; and might join a magic club. 

Professional magician: 

This person is someone who – possibly after being an amateur magician for a few years – brings his or her magic performances to a professional level by charging for shows. Normally these types of magicians make their main income doing magic shows, full time or part time. To become a professional magician requires more preparation as an artist and also as a businessperson. 

Whichever type suits you, I have put together 10 points of advice on how to become a magician:

1. Watch professional magicians perform magic shows 

How to become a magician
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Watch videos, TV programs and live shows of professional magicians performing magic shows. 

As much as you can, try to see all the variety and styles of professional magicians. Don’t stay with only one style. Explore as many as you can: Close-up magic, Comedy magic, Kids magic shows, stage magic, illusions, etc. 

Watching TV programs about magic shows and attending live magic shows may give you an idea of the work involved for a magician. It can also show you the many different styles of magicians out there that you may not have known about before. 

2. Learn the basics 

How to become a magician

Being a magician is about amazing and entertaining other people by performing magic tricks. 

In magic, the secrets are very important. But you need to know more than the secret: you need to master the technique. 

Once you know a trick’s secret, the trick seems easy, but the technique is key. It requires time and energy to master the technique so that when you’re performing the trick, it looks amazing to your audience. After learning the basic techniques, you will be able to start practicing and performing beginner’s magic tricks and then also advance to more complicated techniques. 

3. Find the basics

How to become a magician
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  • The best secrets are in books,” is something I always heard as a kid. And you know what? It’s true! The best way to start learning magic tricks and to become a magician is by reading books. They can be books about basic magic tricks with cards, coins and strings, or even stories about magicians and their techniques. 
  • Watch how-to videos: Another alternative is to watch videos on how to do magic tricks. This also may give you a clear idea on what the trick and technique are about. 
  • Join a local magic club. Normally the magic clubs are part of the large associations of magicians like IBM – International Brotherhood of Magicians. Most cities have local clubs.
  • Find a tutor. After you know a few tricks and how to do them, you could hire a teacher-magician to help teach you not only the secrets, but also the presentation of the magic tricks to start building your show and magic routine. 

4. Learn Acting 

How to become a magician
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Magicians are in front of the people all the time showing their abilities. 

Learning acting skills is a great tool that may help you to develop body expressions, vocal techniques and how to talk in front of the audience while you perform a magic trick. 

Part of magicians’ work is to convince the audience that they have some special powers. Look for local acting classes in your community and read books about acting techniques. 

5. Practice

How to become a magician

Practice in magic is one of the most important elements. 

You need to practice a magic trick as many times as you can until you are sure that this magic trick is ready to be presented to others. 

Nothing is more frustrating than presenting a magic trick that is not ready – only to make a mistake and have the audience discover the secret.

6. Acquire Equipment

How to become a magician
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In the market, there are many tricks. 

Start with something simple. Something that you can build at home with things like newspapers, strings, coins, cards, paper, etc. 

Once you master the easier tricks, then you can move onto ones that require more training. Eventually, the more you perform in public, you will want to get your own magic table, magic mat and a suit or magic outfit. 

7. Develop a routine lasting 15-20 minutes

How to become a magician
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Work on your magic show. 

Pick the best 5-7 magic tricks and develop a routine. Try to use a variety of different tricks. Don’t saturate your show with only cards, or only coins. Mix up the tricks. 

At the beginning, select magic tricks that are easy for you to perform, nothing complicate or elaborate yet. Then when you feel comfortable with this routine, start plugging in a few new tricks that require more practice. 

8. Present your shows to an audience

How to become a magician

Develop an audience. 

After practicing your routine many times, start performing in public first in front of your family and friends. 

Be creative. Invite them for your opening show with popcorn. Or offer to do a few tricks at your cousin’s birthday party. Magicians are always welcome! – But don’t overdo it – just perform a few tricks. It’s always better that you leave the audience wanting more instead of someone pushing you off stage! 

Eventually contact the local community groups to offer your show for free. Always let them know that you are an amateur magician and that you are practicing your show. Do as many shows that you can present. The repetition really helps you to perfect the magic tricks, presentation of the tricks and the magic routines. 

9. Keep learning

How to become a magician
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Practicing and learning are the keys to becoming a good magician. 

Learn more tricks – more difficult ones – and plug those into your magic show or routine, one at a time.

10. Develop life talents

How to become a magician
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Becoming a magician is a beautiful journey! 

Some people after practicing magic discover that they want to move forward to become a professional magician. 

If that doesn’t happen for you, that is okay! At any level, magic can bring great joy to your life, even if you don’t turn it into a career. It can help develop your creativity, your confidence, your motivation, your ability to speak in front of people. It may open doors for other skills in your life! 

Now, for those of you who do want to become professional magicians, join me in the next installment, as the magical journey continues! …

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How to become a magician. - How do I become a magician? - Amateur or professional magician.

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    You should be able to do magic
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    A good show can be offered by an entertainer who knows how to convince with language, dramaturgy, wit, their own style, good ideas and creativity. The best magicians have enjoyed acting training and improvisational theater courses, have taken advice from directors and dramaturges, and have had speaking and singing lessons. The basis for this is created by the local circles and the magic circle with its magic congresses, seminars and workshops and its cadre school: an incomparably high-quality youth work worldwide that imparts specialist knowledge that would meet the requirements of higher management training, but is by no means as dry.