My first language is Spanish, since I am living in the United States I am learning English as a second language, it is not easy for me. Now I know a little more English than when I came here 7 years ago. I know that I have an accent when I speak English, and it seems like it works very good for the magic shows, after the magic show most people think that I speak English with an accent to make the show more funny (by the way my show is comedy magic).

I play a game with the kids telling words in English and Spanish, it is very funny. Sometimes in my magic shows, the kids try to speak Spanish with me like Buenos Dias Mr. Magician. When I go to the school to perform a magic show, the teachers like that I repeat some words in Spanish, so the kids can learn a couple words or just practice with me in Spanish. Everything seems like my accent works very well for my magic shows, but for the call phones, the accent doesn't work very well as it does for the magic shows. Most people don’t care about my accent over the phone and they just wait for me to do a great magic show at the party (see my reviews from the happy customers after the magic show).

When the people call me for information about a magic show or to book the show they can hear an accent and the questions begin - Do you think that the kids can understand you at the magic show because of your accent? -- Ooops. It's hard to answer because two things are coming to my mind. Number one I am sure that not only the kids can understand and will enjoy the show, but also the parents will understand and enjoy it as much as the kids! And number two, how do I convince the person so they will understand. I have a customer that asked the question about whether the kids could understand my accent at the show, I said: Yes it is different when I speak over the phone to when I am showing the tricks and speaking with the kids at the show. Then she said: I don’t think that the kids will understand. I said well I can’t do anything over the phone or say anything over the phone to show you how the kids will enjoy the show, the only way is to do it at your party, she was really nervous to hire me for the party, but after three calls she booked the show with me…

I was really nervous to do the party for her, because she seemed very picky about everything. But here is a new goal for me to show myself that I can do the party, even with my accent. I was there early (like always). About 40 kids were playing at the park, and I was preparing everything for the show. The mom called the kids to sit down and be ready for the magic show with Cesar Domico. I was starting to relax. The kids were making noises everywhere, then I started the show. I soon got their attention. Good start, let's go for more tricks… after 20 minutes the kids and parents were enjoying the show, but let's go, I have another 20 minutes… after 40 minutes the people were in a great mood. They were really happy and I was happy too, again, the power of belief in myself won over my thoughts and fears. After the party the mom was busy and I didn't have any reviews that day from her, but after 4 days they contacted me to say thank you and they gave permission to use them as a reference to my future customers.

Still I am nervous and worry about my accent, especially when the people call and ask me about my accent for the kids magic shows. But since I don’t have anything to show the truth over the phone, I just believe in myself, and even if some people don’t hire me because of my accent, still I am working to fix the accent and perform magic shows where the people want to improve the party!


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