Over 150 happy customers

Over 150 happy customers for the first 7 months on 2008!
I am not kidding!
Today I was checking the list of those customers who have hired me for a magic show in the last 7 months, and I saw that for this year they are over 150 happy customers! That means I performed over 150 magic shows this year. Great! I am happy.
Every company has a goal for the year and I am happy to be on the way to my goal. But it is not only about quantity also it is about QUALITY. From the feedback that I received, which you can see at MY REVIEWS I saw that some of my “100% happy customers” mentioned how my show in this economy represents “money well invested for the party”. “Money well spent, thanks again …” “You always take a risk by using someone you just find on the internet, but this one paid off.” Great! I am happy, because magic for me is not only business, MAGIC IS MY PASSION, is my love, is my life!

I will give you the secret why my magic show will improve your party:

Numero 1. EXPERIENCE! I don’t want to improvise. I have over 20 years of experience working in magic shows in Latin America and North America.

Numero 2. THE MOST IMPORTANT MAGIC SHOW FOR ME IS AT YOUR PARTY: (Kid’s party, birthday party, adult party, corporate party, school magic shows, etc). I don’t hold back to perform a magic show at your party; for me there are no distances too big, no excuses, and no sick days to do a great magic show for you! Literally I work so hard, I sweat my shirt!

Numero 3. MAGIC IS MY PASSION: Every morning I think in magic and think about how introduce a new trick or joke (including in my Spanish accent) for a great family magic show and how to have a happy customer on every magic show!

Numero 4. DESIRE TO IMPRESS: I am always on time and care about my equipment and selecting the tricks and jokes for my act, depending your event! A happy customer wrote: “You set the standard pretty high for the upcoming years”

Numero 5: PEACE OF MIND: We are a Florida company since March 2005, JCD Productions, LLC. "We are insured, and will cooperate with background checks."
Florida entertainer magician Cesar Domico


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