Now you see me - the movie

Now you see me – the magical movie about magicians, escapists and hypnotists.

As I was preparing to watch the movie “Now you see me - the movie,” I was expecting a so-so movie about magicians doing magic with the help of a lot of Hollywood special effects. But I was pleasantly surprised. The movie offered much more.
It drew me in from the beginning with its story. There were also a lot of realistic touches that reflect situations that magicians and hypnotists live today – including dealing with people who set out to embarrass magicians or ruin careers by making a mission of revealing their secrets and techniques.

What surprised me about this movie - Now you see me – without giving too much away – was the message at its heart: an attempt by a mysterious magician whose identity no one knows to resurrect respect for magic, all the while there being a connection to (and attempt to avenge) a late magician once disgraced. But to do all that he or she needs to convince a collection of performers (magician, escapist, street magician and hypnotist) that the magic is real, and the audience needs to believe in this once again. In the process, there’s a bit of Robin Hood social justice in redistributing wealth from some of the crooked bad guys to regular people in the audience.

Now You See Me - the movie:

The best part of all – more than any of the individual magic tricks and special-effects stunts throughout – was the overall sleight-of-hand played on you, the viewer, something you discover at the end of the movie.

But don’t watch too hard for clues, because, as the movie warns, “the closer you think you are, the less you'll actually see.”

Now you see me - the movie


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