Gold's Gym Trainer 430i, Treadmill Review


This may seem like an unusual entry for a blog devoted to information about magic!
But with the coronavirus pandemic bringing everything to a halt, I know that a lot of my colleagues in the magic business have seen their work disappear, like many other industries. 

Personally, all my magic shows have been cancelled through June. So I have been thinking a lot about ways that we can do our parts to stay active and healthy while we shelter in place, even as heroes who don’t have that option must still go out to work as doctors, nurses, firefighters, food workers and others.

Stay in Home and reinvent yourself!

It has not been easy for me to stay home and do nothing. I am a creative person, very active and with a lot of energy. Two of my least favorite things to do are stay in bed after 7 am or be sitting on the sofa in the middle of the day. 

Since the best thing to do in this coronavirus situation is stay at home if you are not an essential worker – which I think is the smartest and most considerate thing we can do for one another – then we need to reinvent ourselves. Magic, marketing and exercise are my passions. But right now, it seems like Magic and Marketing need to be put on hold for the time being. 

Exercise is my passion too!

My other passion was going to the gym for exercise – running and working out every day. But right now, we can’t do that either because gyms are closed and we must stay home. So how can we start the day on a good foot? First, with a good breakfast, and then, a nice run! Exercise is also a good way to manage the high levels of anxiety we are all feeling amid this global crisis. But here locally our favorite state-park nature trails have been closed. It’s not always safe to run on roads with cars. And the temperatures in Florida are staring to climb. So I decided to buy a treadmill!

Shopping for a treadmill:

It took me a little bit of work. I needed to start learning the best way to choose a treadmill. I wanted a treadmill that was comfortable, of great quality, with guaranteed durability and – this next part was key in uncertain economic times – a reasonable price. 

After a few days reading some articles online about the treadmills and combining this information with my experience at the gym, I found the treadmill for me: the GOLD'S GYM TRAINER 430i.

As I mentioned before I didn’t know anything about treadmills. But there were a few things that called my attention to the GOLD'S GYM TRAINER 430i. (By the way, this is not a paid endorsement for this product. No company or person is paying me for this review. The only thing I want to do is review this product and share it with my magic friends!)

My Review - Treadmill Gold Gym Trainer 430i

Here is my review, starting with the pros then followed by the cons. Treadmill Gold's Gym Trainer 430i.

Gold's Gym Trainer 430i, Treadmill ReviewGold's Gym Trainer 430i, Treadmill ReviewGold's Gym Trainer 430i, Treadmill Review

The pros: Treadmill - GOLD'S GYM TRAINER 430i

  • It holds up to 300 pounds. It is good because that is almost double what my wife and I each weigh.
  • Stability: Though some of the negative reviews online said that this machine is too heavy, for me I thought that would be better because it helps with stability. In the end, we found that it is not that heavy and it’s easy to move once assembled (one part lifts up and one part has wheels once the machine is tilted). Also, while some might still think it’s too heavy, I found it to be very stable when in use, and it does not move when I am running.
  • It has up to %10 electronic incline. This is great!!! And it’s digital, which means you can increase or decrease the incline as you are walking/running without having to stop, get off the machine and manually adjust the incline. It’s all from the touch of a button on the control panel.

  • The Speed: You can adjust the speed of the Treadmill - GOLD'S GYM TRAINER 430i from 0 up to 10. That’s great! That is very fast! Some of the treadmills come with a maximum of 4 or 6.
  • Space: the treadmill fits in a small room. I put my GOLD'S GYM TRAINER 430i close the window, so we can open the window to have fresh air every morning before it gets hot outside. 
  • Noise: It is not too noisy! There’s a bit of a hum from the machine as you increase the speed, but really nothing crazy. Your music or heavy breathing might even be louder!
  • Speakers: You can plug your cellphone or any other device by a cable to listen to your exercise music. 
  • Control Panel: It is the basic: It shows the mileages, the speed, time, calories burned, incline. Also it has the ST/M option. It means you can select STEPS OR MILLES.
  • Easy Setup: It took me one hour to set-up. Read the instructions beforehand.
  • Workouts: It has 16 workouts programmed for you, so you can mix or pick one. If you prefer, you can do it manually.
  • Reset and Calibrate incline: Using the iFit application.
  • Price: I got this treadmill GOLD'S GYM TRAINER 430i for $399 plus taxes in Walmart. That’s a very good price for a heavy and very functional treadmill. It is difficult to find a treadmill under $400 that has all these qualities: holding 300 pounds, good stability, electronic incline, speeds of up to 10, and it’s a space saver. 
  • Guarantee: 5-Year Frame and Motor Warranty and 90-Day Parts and Labor Warranty. For the price it is fine. I bought an extra warranty for the parts with Walmart insurance that is good for 3 years and the cost is $35.

The cons: Treadmill - GOLD'S GYM TRAINER 430i

  • Footprint: 64.9" H x 29.10" W x 56" D. Not too much space to run, but it is ok.
  • Start your Treadmill - Activation: You need an activation online monthly subscription. First month is free then $15 a month. It’s not a big deal to sign up for it, then cancel the subscription if it doesn’t work for you. The reason I put it in the con list is that they force you to sign in first before the treadmill starts. But as I said before, you can cancel the subscription later after signing up for no cost, and the treadmill still works perfectly. 

    Start the Treadmill with no Activation:
    Also you can activate your treadmill avoiding the activation account. Click start => Wait for the HELLO word => Then push the blue button located on the right top iFIT and hold it for 15 seconds. The HELLO goes away and your machine is ready to go.  

  • No Bluetooth for your device-phone-music. It does not have Bluetooth for your device-phone-music. As I mentioned before, you can connect a cable from your device to the treadmill. Many new phones don’t have a connector to the cable and the phone needs an extension. Another solution is to buy a Bluetooth Transmitter for $10. 
  • No Pause button: It has the start, stop button and emergency button.
  • Speakers: They don’t have a great sound! It’s very low and tinny. And you can’t synchronize the volume either. But I didn’t find this to be that big of a deal. You can use your TV Roku or listen to music through external speakers. 
  • Inputs: You can’t enter your weight and steps. 
  • Cushion mode: I don’t see any different.
  • Fans: Nope! 
  • Real data: I have been a gym member for more than 10 years, and I have a Fitbit watch to track my speed, calories, time, steps, distance, etc. The treadmills at the gym seem to be very accurate and in agreement with the information from my watch. But with the information from the GOLD’S GYM TRAINER 430i, the stats it gives for Milles and calories are off from what my Fitbit is telling me. It shows more.
    Note: Doing my research online, I see that the calorie and fat burning data may be inaccurate since the treadmill does not have a way to input enough information about the user. However, the mileage or distance information is one of the more accurate data pieces on the treadmill – and really, for me that is most important. The rest I can get from my Fitbit.

Overall, the Treadmill GOLD’S GYM TRAINER 430i is a great deal for the price. It comes with all the basics and is exactly what I was looking for to use at home every day. 

I just got the Treadmill GOLD’S GYM TRAINER 430i few days ago, and so far I really enjoy it!!!
I will keep updating this review in the future. If you have any experience for years with this GOLD’S GYM TRAINER 430i please feel free to share it in this post.

Review Treadmill, Gold's Gym Trainer 430i. Pros and cons. Shopping for a treadmill. Buy online or store the Treadmill, Gold's Gym Trainer 430i specifications.


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