Optical illusions and tricks

“Our senses deceive us” 

Our perception of reality can often be tricked by our very own senses. What we see in any given situation is often first shaped by our concepts before we even begin to process the situation. However, with some analysis and a comprehending mind, the situation may begin to look different than what we first thought. 

As an exercise on this tendency of our minds, below I have included some visual optical illusions and tricks that play with our senses. The tricks are then followed by steps that can help us see how we tend to do the same things in life situations – and how to overcome this tendency. 

6 Optical illusions and tricks that you may want to watch more than one!

In these optical illusions and tricks, you will see that at first the images seem to show something. But after analyzing the image with deeper insight on what is going on in your mind, the image will then seem to show something else, revealing how our senses can deceive us. 

Visual optical illusion No. 1: Catch the black spot. 

Look at the image of any dot and try to catch the black dots. 

Optical illusions and tricks

In reality there are no black dots. The image of black squares and white dots creates the illusion of adjacent black dots as we are moving our eyes. 

Visual optical illusion No. 2: The flying square 

Focus all of your attention on the small square in the very middle of this picture. What do you see? 

Optical illusions and magic tricks

The middle square with the small squares seems to move a little bit, like it’s flying, like a 3D picture, right? 

But really nothing is moving here. It is a static picture. Look at it again. The blurry spots make the solid or non-blurry square create an illusion to make it seem like it is flying. 

Visual optical illusion No. 3: Moving squares 

Look at any one of these small or big squares. 

Optical illusions and magic tricks

It doesn’t matter where you put your eyes, it looks like the squares are moving, right? 

Really this is a flat picture. Look at it again. Put your attention on only one spot and don’t move your eyes

It is not moving, right? What we are seeing is the sensation that they are moving because of the way the picture is designed with the shadows, with black lines drawn in different directions.

Visual optical illusion No. 4: What do you see in this picture? 

Optical illusions and tricks

Did you see a few trees? Perfect! 

Now look at the picture again, but take more time. Can you see the back profile of the woman’s head and shoulders as she looks to her left? 

Visual optical illusion No. 5: The hypnotic ball 

Stay on this picture as long as you like. Is the ball moving or is the wall moving?

Optical illusions and magic tricks

The picture is static. It is the colors and the way the lines are painted in curves that make our eyes see a small movement. Are you mesmerized by this? Look at the picture one more time. 

Visual optical illusion No. 6: What do you see? 

Are the two friends gossiping?

Optical illusions and magic tricks

I don’t know if they are gossiping, but look at the picture one more time and try to see the three white vases. 

Here is the real trick!

Now, think about the images as if they were situations. 

Two people may have a different concept about the same situation (image) and they may not be wrong. Their concepts are based on their senses and experiences, but remember, our senses can deceive us! 

Then who is right? How can we reach an understanding of the truth?

  • First, don’t rush to judgment. 
  • Second, stay with the situation to see if you can go deeper to analyze if there is something you are not seeing or if there is another way to perceive it. 
  • Third, understand that while you are experiencing reality or a situation one way, other people have other ways of looking at reality based on their own senses and experiences.

Finally, when we understand that our minds are capable of shifting our understanding of reality with the help of new insights, then we will be able to better relate to our fellow human beings, ourselves and the world around us. 

Remember … “Our senses deceive us.” Magically our minds can create an illusion that feels like reality, but in the end, it’s just a trick.

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