Online Magic Show, Magician Ben Seidman

January 6th, 2021 - 9:00 PM. Online, NY. Time.

Magician Ben Seidman in Online, AL. January 6th, 2021 at Online - Vanishing Inc. Showtime.

Magician Ben Seidman in Online, Vanishing Inc. Showtime
Magician Ben Seidman - Online, Vanishing Inc. Showtime.

Vanishing Inc. Showtime

The public knows Ben from his Netflix appearances on Brainchild, or his award-winning college and cruise ship shows. You will know Ben Seidman as one of the most innovative parlor performers in our industry. And this is your chance to catch his sensational, bespoke virtual show with your whole family. Then, immediately following the show we'll interview Ben about his process in converting his material to the virtual arena, funny stories from his virtual run, and what he's learned about magic as he crafted his online show..

Event Hosted by: Vanishing Inc. Showtime.
Performer(s): Ben Seidman.
Type of Event: Magic & Illusions Show.
Audience: Family Show!.
Event Fee: $35.00.
Event Date: January 6th, 2021. 
Event Time: 9:00 PM.
Location: Online - Vanishing Inc. Showtime.
Tickets & Information: . -


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Events & Shows. Magician Ben Seidman. Vanishing Inc. Showtime. BEN"S SIGNATURE STYLE IS A CREATIVE MIXTURE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL MAGIC, STAND-UP COMEDY, PICK POCKETING, AND SLEIGHT-OF-HAND. Online - Vanishing Inc. Showtime. Magic & Illusions Show

Events & Shows in Online, AL. Family Show! - Magician Ben Seidman in Online. January 6th, 2021


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