Masters of Illusion

Masters of Illusion

Masters of Illusion 

Experience Magic like never before!

Get ready to experience impossible escapes, vanishes, and levitation, while witnessing the greatest sleight of hand live in front of your eyes. Masters of Illusion is the largest magic tour show of the world. Forget about watching appearances on TV; nothing beats magic shows in person. No camera tricks, no CGI graphics – experience the best illusions of your life.
If you love magic and want to see real magicians, illusionists perform in a way that can change how you think about magic tricks. Even if you don’t believe in magic come to the live show and see how these jaw-dropping, mind-bending magicians will take you away from reality into someplace different.

The Masters of Illusion show will make you question what you believed to be ordinary objects. The props in the shows are simple, but all the magicians make them look like something special.

Masters of Illusion, first performed in September 2011, is now in its seventh season, amazing people with its awesomeness. The tour has done 225 shows in 147 venues. The duration of each magic show is around 2 hours and 15 minutes, including intermission. Each show consists of various magicians, and every time the live show delivers beyond expectations.

The castwhich currently includes Greg Gleason, Farrell Dillon, and Tommy Wind – changes some of its members from year to year. Regardless of the cast, the show leaves people spell-bound, returning the following year to see the show again.

Greg Gleason - Masters of Illusion

Greg Gleason has been performing in the show since 2014. Born and raised in Helena, Montana, Greg is famous for his sleight-of-the-hand tricks. His act, ‘The Wizard’s Secret’ has been performed at more than 9,000 shows. Greg has been awarded “Magician of the year” in World Magic Awards. Greg’s signature illusion is “The Helicopter Illusion” – producing a full-size helicopter on stage. It’s the perfect blend of fun, jaw-dropping illusions and sleight-of-the-hand tricks, which will leave you baffled with amazement.

Farrell Dillon - Masters of Illusion

Farrell Dillon is a Los Angeles-based magician. Farrell blends comedy with mind-bending magic. He is celebrated for his stand-up comedy in between his magic performances. He claims to ‘keep the kids off drugs’ from his flavor of comedy in his shows. Farrell has been nominated for Stage Magician of the year by Magic Castle. His signature trick is a floating-chair trick, where he uses magic to float a chair in the air right in front of you. Farrell’s style makes him a hit for people of every age. The blend of comedy makes his magic worth watching. 

Tommy Wind - Masters of Illusion

Tommy Wind is a magician from Staten Island, New York. Tommy combines illusions with music, with each show consisting of daring tricks. He is well-known for his dangerous acts. Every trick combines music with magic, sending shivers down viewers’ spines. Tommy plays the musical instruments himself – the drum and piano – incorporating them into his mind-boggling magic tricks. In the Magic World Awards, Tommy has won “Best Teen Magician of the year” award. The best thing about Tommy is his versatility – his skills range from close-up magic to mentalism. From the grand escape to seamless illusions, Tommy will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Last year -2018, along with these magicians, there were two other performers: Joseph Gabriel and Naathan Phan.

Joseph Gabriel - Masters of Illusion 2018

Born and raised in New Jersey, Joseph Gabriel is famous for his bird illusions. A multi-faceted magician, his ‘Magic on Broadway” broke many records. His sleight-of-the-hand illusions leave the audience amazed. His magic shows are a favorite in Las Vegas, and people come from miles around to watch his live performances.

Naathan Phan - Masters of Illusion 2018

Naathan Phan, born in California to Vietnamese immigrant parents and raised in Scotland before returning to his birth state for high school, is the self-described “Magic Asian Man.” Naathan – a multi-talented entertainer who has appeared in films like Superbad – uses magic, comedy, singing, writing, and improvised storytelling to make his shows stand out from other magicians. He has amazed audiences around the world with everything from stand-up comic routines, opera singing, close-up magic and grand illusions.

Florida Shows: Masters of Illusion visit Florida each year around January.

Lakeland, FL. - Youkey Theatre
Coral Springs, FL.  - Coral Springs Center for the Arts
Jacksonville, FL. - Florida Theatre Jacksonville
Daytona Beach, FL. - The Peabody
The Villages, FL. Sharon L. - Morse Performing Arts Center 
Clearwater, FL. - Ruth Eckerd Hall

For upcoming shows in your area visit Masters of Illusions website. 

Masters of Illusion


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