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Here you will learn how to hold the deck of cards in your hands. What I mean is that you will learn how to hold the deck technically, putting your fingers in the right place on the deck. You will learn how to use your fingers well! It takes hours of practice. It looks easy and maybe silly, but holding the deck of cards in your hands in the right way gives you a comfortable spot to manipulate the entire deck of cards or just part of the deck or just only one card.

In future explanations you will understand the importance of holding the cards in your hands in the right way to manipulate and execute card magic tricks, games and card trick techniques
The position of the deck of cards in our hands needs to be organic, fluent and show that the deck of cards looks normal to the spectator’s eyes. Like a dealer playing poker on the table.


Basic position with the left hand: 

This a basic position of the deck of cards in the left hand. This position is very important to remember. We will mention it in future explanations.
Hold the deck of cards in the left hand.
1. Put the deck of cards in the left palm, the thumb on the top left edge of the deck.
2. On the deck’s right edge, are the pinky finger, ring finger and the middle finger. 
3. At the front edge of the deck is the index finger. It organizes all the cards. Do you have it? Now with the deck in your hand, in this position, point the deck of cards down toward the floor, but only a little. Ok, now about the position, see photo 1.

Card Tricks

Spreading the cards in the hands: 

Hold the deck of cards face down in your left hand in the basic position. With the left thumb on top, begin to push the cards to the right. 
While the right hand takes these cards, the action continues while the fingers open the cards to show their backs. The thumbs keep pushing and moving the cards, photo 1A.
Try this movement many times until it looks smooth and natural. This movement is used to do many card tricks and techniques.
Card Tricks

Basic position in the right hand:

Card Tricks

1. Take the deck with the right hand over the top of the deck of cards, photo 2
2. The middle finger and ring finger go at the right front edge.
3. The index finger goes on the top, but relax this, because you need to move it at the same time. 
4. The thumb goes to the back holding the deck by the right corner.
The right hand creates a bridge or tunnel, curving over the deck of cards. 
5. The pinky finger may move because we don’t need this finger here.
If you have a chance to observe close-up magicians doing card tricks you will notice that the magicians use the left basic position holding the deck of cards in theirs hands to manipulate very easily the deck of card for the tricks. 
Many card tricks are going to be done with the deck of cards in these basic positions. 

Remember: These positions need to look natural and smooth to present the card tricks.

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