Deck of cards for magic tricks



Before diving into explanations of how to do magic tricks with regular cards, we first need to identify the sides or parts of the deck of cards and be familiar with the terminology in order to learn how to manage or manipulate the cards in our hands. 

Deck of cards for magic tricks:

Learning the positions and terminology will then be helpful as we move on to explanations about how to hold the whole regular deck of cards in ours hands – the step that determines the techniques and magic tricks with the cards.
Deck of cards for magic tricks

The way that I am going to explain the identification of the deck of cards will be the same throughout these lessons on basic magic with cards. As simple as it is, we need to remember the names in order to understand the effects, techniques and magic trick explanations with the cards. 

But before we get to the card tricks effects, card techniques and magic routines with regular deck of cards, we need something else first, the Mat!

The Mat 

The importance of using a mat: 

A magician’s mat is very useful because it helps delimit your work space with the card tricks. The cards will not be damaged when you make FLOURISHES on the mat. Remember that your cards are your best friends and you need to take care of them... Spanish magician Pepe Carrol once said, “The cards are like 52 lovers.” A mat not only helps make sure that the cards aren’t placed in water or food crumbs when performing on a table; it also helps with the presentation of the tricks. The contrast of the cards atop a mat looks nice and keeps the audience’s attention focused on that space.


Deck of cards for magic tricks

The local magic shops or magic shops online sell different mats where you can find one special for you. Choose the size, color and material that you like.

Making your own Mat:

Also you can make your own mat yourself with a piece of wood that is ½ inch thick, 18 inches long and 14 inches wide. Then put a piece of black cloth over it. Put over that another one and nail the edges. There! You have your magician’s mat. 

Impromptu Mat:

Sometimes when I visit my friends and they ask me to do a couple of magic tricks, if I don’t have my mat with me, I ask them for a big clean and dry white or solid-color towel. I fold it on the table and – ta-da! – I have my improvised mat ready! I spread the cards across the “mat” and start to show them a couple of magic tricks with my regular deck of cards. :-)

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