Card Magic Tricks, The Waterfall

Card Magic Tricks: Flourishes

The Waterfall

This is a beautiful and very useful flourish for the card tricks. Like the others, it seems difficult, but it is not impossible. Remember it is about practice until the cards flow naturally into your hands.
1. Take the deck into your right hand: the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and pinky finger will go over the top of the deck like “basic position.” But the deck starts halfway down the fingers. The thumb goes on the opposite end pushing hard, so the deck curves into the hand. 

Card Magic Tricks

2. Now put the hand with the deck horizontal so the cards’ faces are to the front. You can put a magician’s hat underneath so all of the cards will fall inside. Now slowly relax and open all the fingers a little. You can see how the cards gracefully fall, making a cascade. No worries if the first attempt does not work or if the cards miss the hat. With practice you can find the exact pressure and timing to make this work.

Card Magic Tricks