Have you noticed that the most common card tricks is to discover someone’s card? Many magicians do tricks more difficult in presentation and technique. Here is an amazing variation of those card techniques.

A Card Magic Trick, The Force Card Technique 

Card Trick Presentation:

Tell a spectator to shuffle the cards. 
You put the deck on your hand and tell someone to cut the deck in half and leave it next to the other stack in your hand.
Then tell someone else to take the card from the top of the stack that is on the bottom, because he cut it. 
He will show it to everybody and will put the card back in the deck. 
So you have not touched the deck.
He will shuffle the deck, and then you hold the cards and tell them that a man told you that a wise man only needs to look into the eyes to know something, like a secret, and you will try to do it. 
So tell him to concentrate on his card while you look him in his eyes. 
After a couple of seconds, you tell him his card! 


The force card technique: 
  • Give the deck to someone to shuffle it.
  • When you take back the deck, say something about the wise man.
  • You need to see the first card on the top of the deck, and continue putting the deck in your hand while extending your fingers.
  • Put the deck on the palm of your hand.
  • Choose someone and tell him to cut the deck in half and put it on your fingers.
  • In the picture, the card that you saw before has an X on it, so it is the card that someone else should be taking.
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Then turn the first half of the deck and put it on the second, with the card with an X.
At this moment, you remove the half packet of the top and extend your hand (it has the half packet in your fingers).

Learn Free Card Magic Tricks Online
Card Magic Tricks

Then, choose someone else, and tell him: “Now that he has cut it, please pick the card from the top.” He will pick that card on the top, the card that you saw before.
Everything will happen fast and with normal movements. After it, everything depends on your story about the wise man. 

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