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The spectator takes the deck of cards and shuffles it many times. Then he gives it back to you. Then you take a card and put it on the table. Nobody sees the card.
The spectator takes the deck again and counts out two stacks on the table face down, alternating one card in one stack and the next in the second stack; the third on the first stack, the fourth on the second, etc. 
When he finishes, say that the first card on the top of one stack has the number of the card that is on the table.
And the first card on the top of the other stack has the figure of the card that is on the table. It sounds crazy!
The spectator takes the card from the first stack and turns it face up. It is the 5 of clubs. You say, “Ok this card is the number 5.” 
Then the spectator turns over the top card from the second stack. It is the 8 of hearts. You say, “Ok, this is the hearts! So the card on the table is the combination of 5 and hearts. So that card should be the 5 of hearts."
Tell someone to turn over the card, and it is the 5 of hearts!


Give the deck to a spectator. He will shuffle.
Important: Take back the deck and quickly look at the two first cards from the bottom.
Check the number of the first card and the figure of the second card. So you have the prediction card. In this case you combine number 5 and the hearts - it’s 5 of hearts. but remember it could be any cards.

Card trick
Card trick

So, when you receive the deck of cards back you need to look for the 5 of hearts.

Card trick
Card trick

Take the deck and look for the 5 of hearts and put it on the table face down, so nobody sees it.
Give the deck back to the spectator and tell him to separate the deck into two stacks, one card at a time.
Tell him to make two stacks on the table, one to the left and another to the right.

Card trick
Card trick

So the cards that you saw before under the deck will be on the top of each packet.
After he finishes, tell somebody to turn over the first card on each stack.
You explain that these cards will have the number and the figure of the card that you took before.
Tell him to turn over the card and if it’s for example the 5, say, “This card says that the number will be 5.” 
Now turn over the other one, and you can see that it’s hearts. So you say, “This card is hearts.” 
Ask somebody else to turn over the card on the table. And it’s the 5 of hearts!

Card trick
Card trick

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