Free Magic Trick with Cards

Your Card is Face-down!

Card Trick Presentation:

Extend the deck of cards and ask someone to pick a card. 
Then let everyone see it. 
The card goes back inside the deck that you hold. 
Then you take one card from deck and say energetically, “This is your card!... Thanks.” 
They will be shaking their heads, no! You say, “Don’t worry, not a problem... seems like your card is a little bit crazy and your card just turn by itself inside the deck.” 
You spread the deck face up and there appears a card face down. 
Turn the card over, it is the spectator’s card!


This is a beautiful trick that I do with great reaction from the audience. Remember the trick “great card prediction?” Ok, it’s the same, but you don’t need to prepare anything.
  • Take the cards and let someone choose one card.

  • When the spectator shows the card to everyone, you turn the deck face up in your left hand very quickly and take the first card and turn it face down.
  • This card will be face down and the rest of the deck face up.
Card Tricks

  • When the people are ready, take the spectator’s card in your hand.
  • But don’t look at it. Put it in the middle of the deck that you have in your hand. It looks like you lost the card in the middle of the deck.
Card Tricks

  • Now take the card on top with your fingers by the edge and open it like a book.
  • Don’t let them see that the card faces the other way
Card Tricks

  • At the same time, move your left hand.
  • When you separate the card, turn the deck face down and the card face down, too.
  • Leave the deck on the table face down and put all your attention on the card that you have in your right hand.
  • Make some movements with this card and look at the card, smile and say, “This is your card!” Of course, the people will say, no! This is when you can explain that the card is a little bit crazy and jumped into the deck and now it is face down.
Card Tricks

Then you take the deck and turn it face up, spread it out, and show that in the middle, it has a card, face down and it is …. The spectator’s card!
Card Tricks

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