Controlling Cards by Cuts - Card Trick Techniques

False Shuffle by cuts: 

The controlled card has the X. You can use this card trick technique to control a card on the top of the deck of cards. This card technique requires a misdirection by talking with the audience. The secret to doing this card control/technique well is agility.

A. From the hand to the table:

Take the deck in “Hindu position” holding it with the right hand and left hand at the same time. 
The right hand removes half the deck from the bottom. Moving it to the back, it goes over by the rest of the deck. 

Magic Card Tricks Techniques
Card Tricks

Magic Card Tricks Techniques
Card Tricks

Magic Card Tricks Techniques
Card Tricks

Put this half of the deck of cards it on the table.

Magic Card Tricks Techniques
Card Tricks

The right hand takes the stack in the left hand, and puts it on the part of the deck that is on the table. 

Magic Card Tricks Techniques
Card Tricks

The secret to doing this card control / technique well is agility. 

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