Classic 21-Card Trick

Classic Card Trick

Do you know how many cards you need for this trick? Exactly! 21. This is a classic and well known mathematical magic trick with cards. It's fast and easy to do.


Card Trick Presentation: 

Put 21 cards on the table face up in 3 rows, each one with 7 cards. 
Next you can say to any spectator to think of any card and put his finger on this card. 
But you don’t look when he chooses. 
Turn your back to him. 
You turn and ask him where the card is. In the right, middle or left row? 
After he tells you, take the cards and shuffle. 
Then again make 3 rows of 7 cards. 
Ask him: which row has your card, right, middle or left? After he tells you, shuffle the cards again. 
You do it 3 times in total, making it look like the spectator’s card is lost in the packet, and that it looks impossible that you know which card it is.
At the end you put the cards face down on the table in only one pile, and you ask, which row has your card? (Hey! Probably, they will smile.) 
Put your finger on the pile. 
While moving your hand, your finger will separate a card from the others. 
When you turn it over, it is the spectator’s card!


Tell someone to pick 21 cards from the deck, and shuffle them. 
After you take the cards, put them on the table face up in 3 rows of 7 cards each. 
When you put the cards down, put them from the left to the right, so 1, 2 and 3 are at the top of each row. 
The number 4 goes on the first card; 5 on the second; 6 on the third and again; the seventh card goes on the fourth card. 
Do the same with all the cards.

Card Tricks

Card Tricks

Tell someone to think of one card and show everyone, but only to point with a finger, not to take it
You will turn around so you don’t see the card.
Turn back to the table and ask him if the card is in the left, the middle or right row. 
Wherever he says, put his packet/row in the middle of the other packets/rows. Sample: he says middle, first take either of the other two stacks in your hand. 
Next take the set that has the spectator’s card in it and put this on top of the first set. 
Take the last one from the table and put it on top of the middle set.

Card Tricks

  • Put the first card from the packet on the table, and start the rows again, remember 1- 2 3... From the left to the right. THE SAME WAY AS YOU DID IT BEFORE.
  • Ask him which row has the card. And whatever he tells you, always put this row of cards in the middle
  • Repeat it again, and put the cards on the table 1-2-3…but this is the last time. Ask once more, “Which row has the card?” Again put the row he chooses in the middle...remember Only three times
  • The fourth time, everyone expects you to put another 3 rows, but you put the cards one over one on the table FACE DOWN.
  • But you don’t need to show it at this moment. Put the card with the others, but a little separate, and keep your eyes on this card
Card Tricks

When you finish with all the cards, you can ask the same question, “Which line/row has the card?” :-) 
They will think this is the joke, because it’s impossible to see the card and also to know which is your card. 
But you know where it is.
Put your finger on this card. 
Push strongly on it while moving your hand, and at the same time separate the card from the rest of the pile. 
Turn it over. It’s the card!

Card Tricks

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