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Magic Card Tricks Course

How Many Card Tricks & Techniques Can I Learn in this Course?

The Course is divided into 6 chapters. You will learn: about 20 Card Magic Tricks - Presentation and Secrets; 8 Regular Shuffles; 8 False Shuffles and Cuts; and 6 Basic movements and flourishes.

Do I need Special Deck of Cards or Buy Something Special?

No! You only need a REGULAR DECK OF CARDS. That's it! You don't need to buy anything else or pay for this course. This course is free.


Learn the Basics + learn the techniques + apply the techniques to the magic card tricks + presentation of the card magic trick + Repetition + Practice! I hope you enjoy learning these free lessons on how to do magic card tricks!


CHAPTER ONE: Learn basic movements with the cards.

Identification of the deck of cards and the Mat.
Magic mathematics with cards.
Basic movements with the deck of cards in your hands: 
- Position of the deck of cards in the hands.
- Basic position of the deck of cards in the left hand.
- Spreading the cards in the hands.
- Basic position of the deck of cards in the right hand. 
- Type of deck of cards & The ribbon spread / Spreading the cards on the magician's mat.
- The waterfall.
- Spreading the cards. 
- The fan

Go to the chapter: Basic movements with the cards.

CHAPTER TWO: Learn how to do Magic Card Tricks - Games: part one.

  1. Family meeting. 
  2. Great prediction. 
  3. Guess 5 different cards. 
  4. The twenty one classic cards.
  5. Crazy world. 
  6. The wise man.
Go to the chapter: Magic Tricks 1

CHAPTER THREE: Authentic shuffles with cards. 

Authentic shuffles.
The riffle shuffle.
Shuffle Hindu shuffle.
Shuffle by cuts. 
A. from the hand to the table. 
B. simple cut. 
C. Hindu cut.
D. cut in the hands Overhand shuffle The table shuffle.

Go to the chapter: Authentic shuffles with cards.

CHAPTER FOUR: Learn how to do Magic Card Tricks - Games: Second part.

  1. Opportune mistake 
  2. Card’s weight 
  3. The Aces fly 
  4. Guide card 
  5. Great bet 
  6. Magic with numbers 
  7. Crazy prediction 
  8. Double prediction 
  9. Triple guess, double applause! 
Go To the chapter: Magic Tricks 2

CHAPTER FIVE: Control and False Shuffles with the cards. 

Controls and false shuffles 
Controls by false overhand shuffle:
A. Control from the top to the bottom 
B. Control from the bottom to the top 
C. Control a packet on the top 
Control by riffle shuffle:
A. Control of a card on the top 
B. Control of a card on bottom 
C. Control of a packet on the top 
D. Control of the packet on the bottom 
False Shuffle by cuts: 
A. From the hand to the table 
B. False cut with the right index 

CHAPTER SIX: Learn how to do Magic Card Tricks - Games: Third part.

  1. Everything is under control. 
  2. Guide card and it’s the first. 
  3. Fast change Reds and Blacks. 
  4. Just half card:
    - Big 2 of spades
    - Big 5 of clubs 
    - Big 3 of spades 
    - Big 3 ½ of clubs 
Go to the chapter: Magic Tricks 3

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