How to Shuffle Deck of Cards 1

Learn step by step How to Shuffle a Deck of Cards

The American or Riffle Shuffle.

This Shuffle is the most common.

Take the deck face down and make two stacks holding one in each hand in this position: the thumbs go on the small edge of the deck; the pinky finger, ring finger and middle finger go on the other end, along the edge, and the index finger goes on the top, pushing and creating a curve.

How to Shuffle Deck of Cards
Card tricks

Meet the packets by the thumbs, and at the same time, the index fingers press inside, the thumbs release and the cards fall one by one on the table.

How to Shuffle Deck of Cards
Card tricks

When you finish mixing them, the index finger goes near the middle finger and pinky finger. You need to put them all under the deck, then make the curve inside with the two mixed stacks, like a bridge.

How to Shuffle Deck of Cards
Card tricks

The thumbs control the deck. At the same time, extend the fingers that are under the deck, and make them meet. At the same time the cards fall, making a cascade.

How to Shuffle Deck of Cards
Card tricks

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