Learn a Magic Trick with Cards

Learn Magic Trick with Cards


This is one of my favorite card tricks. The trick is very interactive and you can include 5 people. at the end of this trick you will guessing 5 cards! All that you need to do is follow the instructions and practice this card trick before to present it to your friends and family.

Card Trick Presentation step by step: 

  1. Take from the deck of cards any 25 cards and put on the table those 25 cards, then tell someone to shuffle the cards.
  2. Then deal the cards to 5 people from left to right, 5 cards to each one, as if you are playing poker with 5 people, until each person has 5 cards in their hands.
  3. Tell them to shuffle the cards.
  4. Then tell them to choose one card and to look at it, but to be sure it is their card. They need to write the card on a piece of paper, but don’t show it to you
  5. Then, they need to mix up the cards again and again.
  6. Now you take the sets back. Now make a magic motion with your hands and put the cards back on the table again one by one - face down, like poker, so that at the end, each spectator has a set of 5 cards. You will not see anything
  7. But once again show the set to each spectator, and you guess their card, one by one.
  8. You will have left one card on the table, in front of each one of the spectators.
  9. At the end, they will read the paper and when they turn over the card, it will be the cards that they chose before.


It looks impossible to do, but it’s easy. Follow the instructions.
  • Take any 25 different cards from the deck and give these to someone.
  • Then shuffle the 25 cards. Choose five people from the left to right 1,2,3,4, and 5.
  • Then you take the cards and deal the cards face down on the table to each person, as if you are playing cards until each one has 5 cards.

Learn Free Card Magic Tricks Online
Card trick

  • They will take these 5 cards and will shuffle them again.
  • Then each one will take one card and write it on the paper.
  • Then, they put the card back with the other 4 cards and may shuffle again.
  • They leave the sets at the front on the table, so you can take the sets.
  • IMPORTANT! ==> Take the first set from the left and put this on the second making one. Take this new set and put it on the third set making one. Now take all these sets and put on the fourth set making one. Finally, put all the cards on the fifth set, making one.
Learn Free Card Magic Tricks Online
Card trick

  • After this, put the entire packet in your hands and do something as if you are concentrating in these cards. Make the expression like you know the card!
  • Now deal the cards on the table, the same as before, from the left to the right, one by one…
  • Now take the first set of 5 cards from the left and open a small fan showing it to the first spectator.

Learn Free Card Magic Tricks Online
Card trick
  • Depending on where the spectator says yes, will be his card. Ask him if his card is there. If the answer is yes, pay attention to the first card of this set, because it is this card that the spectator took. But if he says no, don’t worry.
  • With the same cards in your hands, ask the same question to the second spectator, “Is your card there?” If he says yes, pay attention to the second card. If not, don’t worry.
  • Go to the third spectator and ask the same: “Is your card there?” If he says, yes, pay attention to the third card. If not, don’t worry. 
  • Do the same with the fourth and fifth person.
  • You need to show them all five packets.
  • Remember, depending on the spectator’s position, the card will be in that position in the packet. If he says yes in the second set and he is number 4 his card is the 4th card in this set. 
  • It could be that the same set will be 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 of the spectators’ cards or maybe one packet doesn’t have anything.
  • Study these steps well before you show the trick. 

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