Magic Card Trick Prediction

Learn a Card Magic Trick Prediction

Here is a great prediction with some mystery and a big ending!
The magician tells the audience that he is going to do not only one, but two predictions with a regular deck of card.



Take a paper and write two predictions. Put it under a glass on the table. Take some cards from the deck.
Important: Tell the audience that you don't know how many card are there and neither the value of the cards or colors.
Now, give these cards to someone and tell him to turn over two cards on the top - just two cards. Then cut the cards and put the deck together again. Tell him to do this 4 times.
Take the cards back and tell to everyone that it is imposible for you to know how many cards are there, the values or the colors of those cards and to do this magic even more difficult you don't want to see the cards.
Take this packet in your hands and put it behind you. Tell them that you are reading the cards with your hands
Then put the packet on the table. Say: It is really amazing but I just touching the cards I know how many cards are face up and how many cards are face down and I have this in my prediction
Someone takes the predictions and reads: “YOU HAVE 8 CARDS FACE UP AND 8 CARDS FACE DOWN”. Spread the cards so everyone can see it is true.
Now, tell him to read the other prediction, which will say, “THE CARDS HAVE BEEN SEPARATED IN RED AND BLACK.” You show the cards to everybody and they can see the black cards on one side and the red cards on the other!


This magic card trick is one of my favorites magic tricks with cards because it involves the audience, acting and a great finally! This is not an easy trick. For this trick you need to pay attention to every detail, follow the instructions and to practice.
Before the magic trick, separate 8 black cards from the deck of cards and 8 red cards and mix them one by one: black - red - black - red - black - red - black - red - black - red -black - red - black - red - black - red. 16 in total.

Magic Card Tricks
Magic Card Tricks

Now, curve the stack making a bridge, so when you put it on the deck you can see the 16 cards that you need.
When you take the stack, this will appear as if you took any random cards.

Magic Card Tricks

Write on the first paper: “8 CARDS ARE FACE DOWN AND 8 CARDS ARE FACE UP,” and on the second paper: “THE CARDS ARE SEPARATED IN BLACK AND RED.” 
This prediction will go on the table under a glass that everybody can see.
Take the stack of 16 from the deck and having it in your hand, explain to the spectator what he needs to do: turn over two cards from the top and cut the stack in half. The top half goes under the second until completing the whole stack.
He needs to do this maybe 4 or 5 times. Make sure he turns over 2 cards and cuts the stack in half.
Magic Card Tricks
Magic Card Tricks
xxxMagic Card Tricks

When the spectator finishes, take the cards in your hands.
ATTENTION: Put these cards behind your back. Take the first card from the top and put it between the right index finger and thumb
Take out the second card and put it between the right index finger and middle finger
The third between the right thumb and index finger.
The fourth goes between the index finger and the middle finger; keep alternating one by one.

Magic Card Tricks
Magic Card Tricks

At the end you should have half of the package of 8 between the right index finger and thumb and 8 between the right index finger and middle finger.

Magic Card Tricks

When you finish, turn over the stack you held between the thumb and index finger on the stack between the index finger and middle finger, making another stack.

Magic Card Tricks
Magic Card Tricks
Magic Card Tricks

Then put the stacks on the table and tell someone to read the predictions.
The first prediction says: 8 CARDS ARE FACE DOWN AND 8 CARDS ARE FACE UP! Spread the cards. Everyone can see the cards are face down and face up.

Magic Card Tricks

Read the other prediction which says: THE CARDS ARE SEPARATED INTO BLACK AND RED!!! 

Magic Card Tricks

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