I will explain a technique and a card magic game at the same time. Additional to the card technique, we are going to use two controls for the card: a control of the card by turning the deck and control a card by overhand shuffle.



Ask any spectator to choose a card and to show it to everybody.
They need to remember the card and to put it back in the deck.
You shuffle the cards and afterward, you say you have the card.
Explain that it is very easy.
Show the first card from the bottom, and you say, “This is your card!” They will say no, and you act a little disappointed. 
Leave this card on the table top face down.
Show another card: it’s not their card either.
Try with another, but it is not their card either.
At this point, you act worried and ask them, “Which is your card?” They say (for example), “The 2 of clubs,” and you say: “But this is the first card that I put on the table,” while you turn the card on the table face up. It is their card... Magic!!!


First control: When the spectator puts back the card in the deck, control this card (use any card control technique learned in this course. You can use the technique from before: controlling the card turning the deck). 
Second control: Having the spectator's card controlled on top of the deck, you do a shuffle by dragging, carrying the spectator’s card from the top to the bottom. Use the control of the card by overhand shuffle.
When you finish, pass one card more from the top to the bottom, leaving the spectator’s card in second position.

Card Tricks
Card tricks

Show to everybody this card and say: “This is your card!” Call the attention to this card, and they will say no. 
Take the deck in your left hand as in the photo.

Card Tricks
Card tricks

With the deck in this position, face down, use the left middle finger and ring finger to push the first card to the bottom, and drag this card back to the middle. This technique is called “drag card.” 

Card Tricks
Card tricks

When you have the cards in this position, use the left fingers to take out the second card and put it on the table.

Card Tricks
Card tricks

Card Tricks
Card tricks

Nobody sees this process, and you do it in a few seconds. 
Cut the packet in half and complete it again, so you destroyed the evidence: the card that everybody saw before. 
For the public, the card on the table is different.
Turn over the deck of cards and show other card from the bottom and say: "This is your card!" and they say no!
Leave this card on the table (this is any card).
And for the last time: Cut the deck, and show another card from the bottom, but it’s not the card either.
Leave this card on the table (this is any card).
But now you have three cards on the table. One is the spectator's card and the others are any cards
For the audience none of those cards is the cards selected by one spectator.

Card Tricks
Card Tricks

React like it’s a mistake and ask, “Which is the card?” They say, for example, “2 of clubs.” You relax and say, “But this is the card that I put on the table,” as you turn the first card on the table face up.

Card Tricks
Card tricks

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