Upcoming Virtual Magic Shows in April 2021

Virtual Magic Shows - Magicians performing online magic shows


Virtual Magic Shows - Magicians performing online magic shows!

Some virtual magic shows are free and others have a fee. The virtual magic shows are performed all over the world, on different dates and times. 

Visit LocalMagicShows.com and choose from a wide variety of magicians performing in a range of different styles. Enjoy a magic show with family and friends in the comfort of home from any device! 

 Here is a list of virtual upcoming magic shows in April 2021!

April 2021

April 3 - 2021 Magician Lou Serrano - virtual magic show.
April 3 - 2021 Magician Daniel Roy - virtual magic close-up show.
April 8 -2021 Magician Ryan Lally - free virtual magic show.
April 10 - 2021 Magician Brady Ramsey - virtual magic show.
April 17 - 2021 Magician Vicenzo Ravina - virtual magic show.
April 24 - 2021 Magician Brady Ramsey - virtual show.
April 25 - 2021 Magician Harris Fellman - virtual show.

If you are hosting a virtual-online and/or local magic show or magic event, share with us for free at LocalMagicShows.com.

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Upcoming virtual magic shows on April 2021


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