St Petersburg, FL - Magic Theatre

St Petersburg Florida Magic Theatre Zubrick.

Zubrick Magic Theatre

Magic has come to stay in St. Petersburg, Florida!

After years of traveling the world with their spectacular magic and illusions show, award-winning magicians Chris and Ryan Zubrick have planted roots in the West Central Florida city of St. Petersburg – opening the city’s first magic theater.

The Zubrick Magic Theatre is located in downtown St. Petersburg, a city already well-known for its thriving arts districts, museums, performance centers, restaurants and galleries – just minutes from white-sand beaches ranked among the best in the nation. 

Originally from Michigan, Chris and Ryan Zubrick both fell in love with the art of magic as young children, each finding their way to the profession on separate paths – before finding each other and becoming a couple. 

After touring the United States with their magic and illusions, they next spent nearly a dozen years performing in large theaters overseas – along the way winning major awards, including, in 2018, what’s considered the Oscar of magic: the prestigious Merlin Award from the International Magicians Society for Best Family Magic Show. 

Now Ryan and Chris hope to bring the same amazing combination of illusions, sleight-of-hand, dancers, stage shows, comedy and fun in a sophisticated environment to their new Zubrick Theatre for the enjoyment of both local residents and visitors passing through Sunshine City, located on the other side of the bay from Tampa, about two hours west of Orlando. St Petersburg, FL Magic Shows. 

Zubrick Magic Theatre 

Box Office: Thursday-Saturday 5:00pm-8:00pm. 
Performance: Thursday-Saturday 7:00pm.
Tickets price: $40 plus tax.

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St. Petersburg Florida Magic Theatre Zubrick. Family Magic Shows.


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