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The ACE of MAGIC - The blog to talk about magic shows, magicians, hypnotists, illusionists, entertainers, events, shows, magic conventions, magic shops, card tricks, magic tricks, t.v. magic shows, comedy shows, dinner shows and more! 

I am Cesar Domico, a professional magician and entertainer with more than 25 years of experience. 

This blog is about my passionmagic and with that everything related to magic, including hypnosis, illusions, shows, mystery, stage entertainers, comedy shows, music, acting, t.v. shows, live performers, etc. 
Through this blog I want to share my thoughts and feelings about different aspects of magic and magic shows, stories about magic, videos, television shows, performers, shows, magic tricks, magicians and events. 
This can be a place for an open discussion about techniques and presentations, about philosophies and approaches. 
Every day I want to transmit magic, but the real magic, of life. For me, magic is not a hobby for Saturdays and Sundays or casual meetings. For me the magic is an art and a profession; I am all that it has given. It is in my blood, in my thoughts when I wake and when I go to sleep, it is still there, always walking through my mind and in my hands. 
I want to invite you to stop by this magic blog and share with others your comments, arguments and experiences.

Thank you!

Cesar Domico.


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