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A new edition of my book “Basic Magic with Cards” is coming soon! It’s coming with a free bonus DVD. In the DVD, you can see magic techniques and how you can use those to complement a magic routine with magic cards. The book is almost the same, but now it includes my reflections on how magic has impacted my life during the last 30 years. -- If before I was running to do something big or amazing in my life with the magic, now I stop to contemplate how beautiful the life is with magic. --

“Magic is my passion, it is my life. I really enjoy doing magic. I learned other things in my life to complement and enrich the beautiful art of magic. I have respect for magicians, and I don’t call myself a magician – but rather, a student of the magic – a student of life. Everyday I learn something new to continue enjoying my life, doing what I love, doing magic! In the end, I learned that love and magic are the same, they are one. They are creation, a beautiful creation. This is why I don’t believe in those people who want to make an argument about life through violence or guns, because that way is through destruction, not creation. Magic creates something new, transforms your life, by helping to show that you have the power to change your life by believing that everything in your heart is possible.

I consider myself a daily apprentice of magic. I am afraid of groups and those considered masters because they try to cut you off from your full experience of life with their structures and their rules. As Facundo Cabral said: ‘The masters knows everything…less how to enjoy life, but they knows everything.’”

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