Card Magic Tricks: The Flourishes

Card Magic Tricks: The Flourishes

Flourishes with cards 

Good name, eh? In this section you will learn how to make some acrobatic figures with the deck of cards. You can do beautiful moves with the cards right before a card trick, during the trick and to finalize a card trick presentation.

To be honest those movements are difficult and can only be done with hard work and practice. Most importantly, “practice.” You need to practice with the cards until they feel like they are alive in  your hands.

The Ribbon Spread:

This Flourish is very useful for most of the card tricks on the table. With this technique you can show the cards’ faces and cards’ backsAlso, it’s easy for you to look at a card if you need to (I will explain it later with a card trick). 
1. Take the deck of cards in the basic position in the right hand, with the index finger on the left edge and put the deck on the magician's mat. 
Card Magic Tricks: The Flourishes

2. Relax the thumb, middle finger and the ring finger, and at the same time with the index finger on the deck, pull the hand back, moving fast and in one quick motion. Do not do it in two steps. Then you can show the cards' backs.
Card Magic Tricks: The Flourishes

3. Now to show the cards’ faces: Put the left fingers under the first cards on your left end and move the fingers up and turn over the cards while at the same time pushing the cards. All the cards will turn over and will show the faces.
Card Magic Tricks: The Flourishes

Card Magic Tricks: The Flourishes


The most common decks that we know are: The Spanish deck of cards and French deck of cards
They have different figures. 
Spanish decks have four figures. These are: batons (bastos), swords (spadas), glasses (copas) and gold (oros) and in total they are 40 or 48 cards, with numbers from 1 to 12. (In the deck of 40, they don’t have the numbers 8 and 9.) Some decks include 2 jokers (comodines.) The deck’s figures are 10, 11 and 12 and are called knave (Spanish suited decks - sota), horse (caballo) and king (rey). 
French decks have 52 cards and four figures: spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. Also, the deck of cards comes in two different sizes: bridge and poker.
Card Magic Tricks: The Flourishes

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