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Card Trick Presentation:

The magician talks about the importance of the family. So, the magician takes 3 cards from the deck of cards: The King of Hearts, the Queen of Hearts and the Jack of Hearts. They are a good family!
The  magician shows the cards: the King, the Queen and the Jack, then he puts the cards face down one by one on the table - in line.

  • The Magician puts the deck of cards on the Jack and... magic! the Jack goes up to the beginning of the deck. The Jack of Hearts appears the first on the top!
  • Now the magician takes the Queen and put her on top of the deck of cards and... magic! She disappears and appears down in the deck of cards!
  • Then the magician takes the deck of cards and put it on the King, and... magic! The King disappears from the bottom of the deck of cards and appears on the top of the deck!
Then the family meets again and will live happily ever after.


Preparation: Take the three cards face up: King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts and Jack of Hearts.

Now, put an extra card under these cards, face down, but make sure nobody knows.

Learn Card Magic Tricks Online
Card trick

Show the cards, but be careful. Don’t show the extra card.
Tell everyone: “I have the royal family” and take one card (K of hearts) and turn it face down, and put it under the little packet.

Card trick
Card tricks

card tricks
Card tricks

Do it the same way with the Queen and Jack.
At this moment, you have 4 cards face down in this order from the top: any card, K, Q and J of Hearts

So, put the stack face down on the deck (this deck is on the table face down.)
Learn Card Magic Tricks Online - Cesar Domico - Book: Basic Magic with Cards
Card tricks
Take the whole deck, and put it in your left hand in the basic position. 
Then place one card after another on the table from right to left.

Learn Card Magic Tricks Online - Cesar Domico - Book: Basic Magic with Cards
It’s very important that you say the cards’ name. Of course they are face down, but if you say the names, the public will believe it! The King, the Queen and the Jack while you are saying the story. Remember to put the cards from right to left.

  1. Take the deck of cards and put it on top of the first left card, supposedly it is the J of Hearts but, it’s not; it is the Q. Do some magic and… take the first card from the top and there is J of Heart! Leave it face down on the mat.
  2. Next, take the second card, from the mat. Supposedly it’s Q, but it’s not; it’s K. Put it on the deck, and magic! Take the first card from the bottom of the deck of cards and show that it’s Q of Hearts! Leave it face up, near the J.
  3. Ok. Put the whole deck on the last card the “K”(but it’s not) and magic!… The K goes up. Take the first card from the top of the deck of cards and it is the king! Applause…!

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