Learn how to do an awesome card trick prediction

To guess one card is amazing, but 4 is really awesome! Surprise your audience with an unconventional card trick prediction.



Tell everybody that you will try to do something difficult, so they pick 4 different cards
To guess one card is amazing, but 4 is really awesome! 
You take 4 jumbo cards and put these cards face down on the table. 
There will be 4 predictions. 
But it will not be a regular prediction. 
You have half the cards that they have. 
For example, if they have 8 of diamonds, you have the 4 of diamonds.
1st card. Taking the first big card. Predict that someone has the 10 of clubs because you have the 5 of clubs, and show the big card to them. It is true; someone has the 10 of clubs
2nd card. Take the second big card. Then you say, “Someone has the 6 of spades,” because you have the 3 of spades. Someone has the 6 of spades
Now you have two cards. 
3rd card. Now tell them that you have the 2 of spades so somebody must have the 4 of spades. It is true. Someone has the 4 of spades!
4th card. The last one is more difficult, because the spectator has the 7 of clubs and everyone knows it, so you pretend to be confused, because half of 7 is 3 1/2 . 
So you tell the spectator to show everyone the card, and you look at your big card. 
You are confused, you say, “You have an 8? … No? … You have a 6?” You say, “I know that it is clubs,” but you apologize and tell them to show you the card, which is a 7 of clubs. 
The spectator uncover the card showing to everyone that it is the 7 of clubs.
You say, “Of course! That’s why it is so difficult…” 
And you tell them, “Don’t worry, because I have 3 and a half of clubs!


You need to force 4 cards: 10 OF HEARTS, 6 OF SPADES, 4 OF DIAMONDS and 7 OF CLUBS. 
The best way to force these cards is the technique of “great prediction” or "force card technique" for the trick “the wise man.” 
Card tricks
Card trick
Put these jumbo cards face down on the table, before the trick starts. No body see the front of the cards just the back of them.
Force the 4 cards to 4 spectators. Remember this order: 10 of clubs, 6 of diamonds, 4 of spades and 7 of clubs.

Card Tricks
Card trick prediction

Forcing the cards.
The force card technique: 
Preparation: Before forcing the cards put those 4 cards - 10 0f clubs, 6 of spades, 4 of spades and 7 of clubs -  on top of the deck. 
Put the deck face down on the palm of your hand. 
Choose someone and tell him to cut the deck in half and put it on your fingers. 
In the picture, the cards are marked with an X on it, so they are the 4 card that someone else should be taking.

Card trciks
Card tricks

Then turn the first half of the deck and put it on the second, with the card marked with an X.
Card tricks
Card tricks

Havin the deck of cards on your hand as the picture shows, move to someone else and at this moment, you remove the half packet of the top and extend your hand (it has the half packet in your fingers). 
Ask the spectator to take 4 cards from the top.
The spectators will take these cards. 
When you start to discover the cards, leave the 7 of clubs for last. The people will think that the trick failed because the half of 7 is three and half and there is not any card - in a regular deck of cards that has the three and half, but you will be ok. 
Just turn over the last jumbo card from the table and magic! This is the three and half!!!
Click on the picture and download the PDF file to print the 4 jumbo cards. Size: 8.5x5.5. You can laminate the cards as well.
Card tricks
Card tricks

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