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How to Do the Amazing Math Card Trick

The Power of The Numbers


This is easy to do, but it needs all your attention and precision because it is an automatic trick.
Talk to the audience about the power of numbers and magic numbers. For example, say that the numbers have some contact with the universe and due to some inexplicable power, they work for you.

Then tell someone to take the deck and pick any number from 1 to 10. But then correct yourself and say: “No, more difficult, choose a number between 11 and 20.” 
The person will say for example, 16.
Then he will count out 16 cards and put them as a separate stack on the table.
The person was free to choose the number.
Now we needs to add the digits of 16. 6 + 1 equals 7.
So now tell him to count out 7 cards, and tell him to hold the seventh card in his hand, face down. 
You never took the deck, and he made the selection of the cards.
You concentrate, then look in his eyes... And guess the card that he has in his hand! 


Preparation: Before your presentation take the deck face down, count 10 cards and look at the tenth card.
Remember this, because this card is the one you will guess.
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Put this stack of 10 on top of the deck and start your presentation.
Talk about the powers of numbers and that they have magic, too. Say they can help you at this moment.
Give the deck to any spectator and follow the explanation of the presentation: The person picks any number from 1 to 10 but change it from 11 to 20
This need to look real, so you need to say that from 11 to 20 is more difficult.
Remember, our example is 16, but the person may say any other number.
Tell him to count out 16 cards on the table, one by one taking cads from the top of the deck making a new group.
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With this new group of 16 cards the person needs to add the digits, so 1+6 is 7 (this is just the sample - It works with any number from 11 to 19).
Then the person needs to take the new stack of 16, and take 7 cards from the top one by one and put them on the table.
Having the seventh card is in his hand. Tell the person to show it to everybody, but not to you. 
You know the card from before, but you need to make a performance. Concentrate and... Guess his card! 

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