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Every card is different. By the color, number value and also by the weight. YES, even the weight! 

With this magic trick the magician will prove that each card in the deck has a specific and unique weight, and it is different from one card to the next.


Spread the cards face down, and ask a spectator to take one card and show it to everyone.
Now ask him to put the card back anywhere in the deck of cards.
To make it more difficult to find the card, the spectator can cut the deck of cards (in half) 3 times.
Next, you take the deck and put 3 cards in your hand. Put the deck down on the table.
Hold all 3 cards in one hand, face down.
Make small waving motions like you are feeling the weight... magically!
Remove one, then another card, putting them on the table.
The card you are left with is the spectator’s card.


Before the presentation of this magic card trick separate the cards in colors, black cards and red cards.

Magic Card Tricks
Card tricks

Turn the deck face down and put the red cards on the black cards.
Spread only half of the packet in your hands and somebody picks a card from half top of the deck of cards, so he will take a red card. Ask to show this card to everybody.
Close the deck in your hand, and when he goes to put the card back, you need to spread the deck again, but this time only the bottom half. So this time you are spreading the black cards.

The spectator’s card is easy to see because it is the only red card inside the black cards.
Tell him to cut the deck and put it together again. Do it 3 times.
Then you take the deck and look at the cards. You can see a red card among the black cards.

Magic Card Tricks
Card tricks

Take the spectator's card out and take two different cards out, too. Total cards: 3.
Hold them on your hand like you are weighing the cards. And with magic you will proof that every card has an specific weight. Trying card by card on your hand like you are verifying the weight of each card. But you say that the spectator’s card is heavier, so you take this card and pretend to doubt a little and then say… “This is the card!” Turn it over and... magic, this is the card! 

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