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Tell the audience you will try to do something difficult. So you need three different spectators, and each one takes a card from the deck. They show it to the audience, and then you go with each one and look into their eyes and guess the cards!

Everyone will think that you have finished, but you tell them to put the card back in the deck face up
Close the deck and then take out the card that is face up with the card on top of it face down and put it on the table. 
You say, “Each card has a twin that is the same color and the same number but a different figure.”... 

Then you turn the cards face up and everybody can see that the card has a twin! A second applause deserved!


This is a beautiful magic routine. It is not only one effect, there are two powerful effects! Pay attention to this trick! Read and re-read this card trick many times
For the first effect: Take out from the deck of cards the 4 OF CLUBS AND 4 OF SPADES; 9 OF HEARTS AND 9 OF DIAMONDS; ACE OF SPADES AND ACE OF CLUBS.
--You need to use the force technique with these cards: 5 of clubs, 9 of hearts and Ace of spades. --


Put these cards on top of the deck face down in this order: 5 OF CLUBS, 9 OF HEARTS and ACE OF SPADES.

Magic Card Tricks

Take out the twin cards: 5 of spades; 9 of diamonds and Ace of clubs, and put these cards under the deck in this order: 5 OF SPADES, 9 OF DIAMONDS and ACE OF CLUBS.
Magic Card Tricks

Do you remember the force technique: cut in cross? (in THE WISE MAN) Force technique.
So do it and give the three cards (each to one spectator) so they will take them in order; Ace of spades, 9 of hearts and 5 of clubs
Tell them to show these cards to everybody.

Guessing the 3 cards: Remember the order of the cards and who has each card. 
So you begin to guess each card looking at each spectator. Take a long time to discover the cards because it will be more interesting!
After guessing each card ask the spectators to hold that card.
Then choose the first spectator. He has the Ace of spades. Like Hindu Shuffle. You will start dropping the cards between your hands and he needs to say stop at any place. Take the cards in the “Hindu shuffle position,” and pass the cards to your left hand. When the spectator says stop, separate the stacks.

Magic Card Tricks

Tell him to put his card face up on the left stack, then you will put the right stack on top of this.

Magic Card Tricks

At this time, you explain that each card has a twin, so they will try to find them.
So spread the cards on the table and take two cards, this is the Ace and another one, but don't turn the other card yet. Put the two card on the table.

Magic Card Tricks

Be careful: Cut the deck where you took the cards and put the left stack on the right stack, keeping the cards (5 of spades, 9 of diamonds) under the stack.

Magic Card Tricks

Having the cards in the Hindu Shuffle position. Do it again with the next card, 9 of hearts. Tell the second spectator to say stop anywhere and put the card face up (9 of hearts)
You need to put the right stack on the left stack, spread the cards on the table, and take two cards, the spectator’s card and another one on top, as before. 
Having the deck in the Hindu shuffle position. One more time with the last one, follow the same steps now with the 5 of clubs. Having the three stacks on the table, continue talking about the cards’ twins and slowly turn the cards face up showing the cards having their twins. Finally, wait for your applause!

Magic Card Tricks

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