Best 6 Card Trick Videos

Are you a magician looking to spice up your repertoire of card magic tricks? Below I have shared six of some of my best card magic tricks in videos with different magic card techniques. Let's watch some short videos of slight of hands card magic tricks.

Card Magic Tricks Videos

6 Card Magic Tricks Videos

1. Flying Aces

In this video, I use four techniques to make the four aces fly, one by one, from my hand to the table. This card magic trick can be performed with a regular deck of cards, and it is very visual. Watch the card trick video here.


2. Four aces appearing on top of the deck 

In this version of a magic trick with four aces, I use different shuffle techniques. The goal with this trick is to show the spectators that it is a regular deck of cards and that no matter how many times you shuffle, the four aces will magically appear atop each pile of cards. Watch the card trick video here.

3. Two Poker Hands 

Audiences love to guess whether we magicians are great card players. Really, I’m not, but there are some card magic tricks that you could do that will leave your audiences believing that you’d give any Vegas dealer a run for his money. My favorite among them is this one – Two Poker Hands! In this trick, I combine techniques in shuffling and manipulating a prepared deck of cards. The end result will be two poker hands: the first, a sequence of high value cards with the same color and suit; and the second – the finale – is going to be the four aces. Watch the card trick video here

4. The 101st version of four aces 

I call this video card trick the 101st version of the four aces – because it seems that we magicians have many card tricks making the aces appear. However, for me, there can’t be enough. Personally, I like the aces because they have the highest value in the deck, and they are very visual. The goal of this special routine is to locate the four aces in the deck, but using very advanced techniques that will be known and recognizable to professional magicians. Watch the card trick video here.

5. Flipping the spectator's card with a surprise ending! 

Normally, I present this card trick version right after the second or third card trick in my shows because this card trick has a double impact. One is to introduce comedy into the show. The other is to lower their expectations – making them think I’ve made a mistake – before raising them even higher by showing that I’ve been playing with them. I do this in a matter of minutes, starting by having a spectator put his card back in the deck. After I pretend to find the card and flip over the wrong one, the room falls silent, believing I’ve messed up. Here I introduce comedy – before surprising the audience with an unexpected finale – lifting the energy of the room higher than ever, along with the audience’s trust in me as a card trick magician. Watch the card trick video here.

6. Water and Oil Card Trick

This is one from many versions of water and oil card trick routines. This version is a version where I use four card trick techniques. I perform this card trick after a regular oil and water trick because the audience will expect the next card trick to be separated by color. But I add an unexpected end. As you will see in the video, I play with four aces, but it can be done with different cards. Watch the card video here.

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Sleight of hand card tricks. Best 6 Card Tricks Videos. Card magic tricks in videos with different techniques.


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